StateMachineProgram class

Dave Touretzky edited this page Feb 19, 2017 · 9 revisions

cozmo_fsm is evolving into an entire robot software architecture built on top of the Cozmo SDK. The StateMachineProgram class should be used as the parent node for each state machine application. It sets up the cozmo_fsm environment that supports the application. It can also be used to customize this environment by:

  • automatically launching viewers when the application starts
  • setting the style of ArUco markers to be used by the vision system
  • setting up the particle filter to be used for odometry and landmark-based localization
  • setting up the kinematics engine to be used for navigation and manipulation planning

See the source code in cozmo_fsm/ for a list of keyword arguments, and the programs in cozmo_fsm/examples for examples of customization (e.g.,

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