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Cozmo's charger is an intelligent device that communicates with the robot via bluetooth, just like the light cubes. When the Cozmo SDK starts up, it finds the closest charger and creates a cozmo Charger object to represent it. This object is included in

Charger Lights

The charger has three lights that function the same as the four lights on a cube.

The lights flash green in a 1-2-3 sequence when a robot is paired with the charger.

In free-play mode, but not in SDK mode, the flights flash blue when Cozmo sees the charger.

Setting the Lights

The charger lights 1-3 can be set using the same method as the cube lights, but as of December 2016 Anki is not advertising this functionality because of a bug that can interferes with proper resetting of the light state. See this forum post by Mark Wesley.

Charger Marker

Cozmo's vision system recognizes the charger via this marker:

Battery Voltage

The battery charges to 4.5 volts

The SDK issues a low battery warning when the battery voltage falls below 3.5 volts.

The current battery voltage can be accessed via robot.battery_voltage, and the charger state can be accessed via robot.is_on_charger.

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