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world_viewer tool

Dave Touretzky edited this page Dec 28, 2016 · 25 revisions

The world_viewer tool displays a real-time 3D representation of Cozmo's world based on the contents of It is part of the cozmo-tools GitHub repository.

Invoking the world_viewer

From within simple_cli type "viewer(robot)" to start the world_viewer.

Display Conventions

Cubes are displayed with unique colors: cube1 (the "paperclip") is red, cube2 (the "anglepoise lamp") is green, and cube3 (the "deli slicer") is blue.

When a cube or charger is visible, it is displayed in bright colors with white edges. When it is not presently visible but its pose is still valid, it is dimmed and has black edges.. When the pose is invalid because the robot has been picked up and put down and it has not yet seen the object again, the object is displayed as a wireframe.

The robot is normally displayed dimmed; it is highlighted whenever it's charging.

Coordinate axes: x (forward) is red, y (left) is green, and z (up) is blue.

The gazepoint is displayed as a yellow dot. The view can be adjusted using keyboard commands that either translate the gazepoint or orbit the camera around the gazepoint.

Keyboard Commands

Key Function
a Translate gazepoint left
d Translate gazepoint right
w Translate gazepoint forward
s Translate gazepoint backward
< Zoom in
> Zoom out
page-up Translate gazepoint up
page-down Translate gazepoint down
left-arrow Orbit camera left
right-arrow Orbit camera right
up-arrow Orbit camera upward
down-arrow Orbit camera downward
x Toggle axes
z Reset to initial view
v Toggle display of viewing parameters
h Print help
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