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Contributing Guidelines

First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute!

This project and everyone participating in it is governed by the Code of Conduct.

Getting Started

When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the core team before making a change.

  • Make sure you have a GitHub account.
  • Submit a GitHub issue for your issue if one does not already exist.
    • A issue is not necessary for trivial changes.
  • Create a new branch (preferred, if it is available) or fork the repository on GitHub.
  • Make your change. Add tests for your change. Make the tests pass.
  • Create a pull request to the repository.

Tips and tricks for using the Git

How to add new...


  1. Create new files for each language: or in _articles-lang directory, i.e.

  2. Add front matter (Documentation on front matter)


title:  Article name
layout: article
date:   2016-02-29 09:48:44 +0100
excerpt: "Part of a post"
category: bookings
	bookings: transfer-view
- related-article-name1
- related-article-name2
lang: en
permalink: "/en/:name/"
ref: article-name


title:  Название статьи
layout: article
date:   2019-04-11 12:32 +0100
excerpt: "Part of a post"
category: getting-started
lang: ru
permalink: "/ru/:name/"
ref: article-name
  1. Put links inside the article on other articles if it's necessary (Documentation on links). All links should be relative and not absolute, i.e.

  2. Add images or gif-animations (Documentation on images): filename1.png or file_name2.jpeg in assets/images directory, i.e.


There should not be unnecessary actions and movements of the mouse in the image (gif-animation), only what relates to the explanation. All images and gif-animations shoud be in high resolution.

  1. The format of images must be png or jpeg.


  1. Add name and description into _data/categories.yml

  2. Create new markdown file in _lang/category dir (using slug for name, i.e. "Getting Started" -> "")

    $ touch _{en,ru}/category/
  3. Front matter should contain the following fields:

    layout: category
    category: getting-started
    permalink: /category/getting-started
  4. Change description into _data/categories.yml for add subcategory, i.e.

category-name: title: en: "Name of category" ru: "Название категории" desc: en: "Description text." ru: "Текст описания." subcategories: subcategory-name: en: "Name of subcategory" ru: "Название подкатегории" ```

  1. Rebuild the website:
    bundle exec jekyll build


  1. _data/i18n/%lang%.yml - add new lexeme into the hierarchy;

  2. Reference like this:[page.lang]

Additional information

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