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A diazo theme manager for Plone
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This add-on add feature to the brand new add-on.
It gives you a 'sourceslist' settings where you can add themes providers URLs
Once you have add themes providers, you can select a theme, it will be 
downloaded and installed for you.

This add-on add a dexterity content type 'Theme' to let you providing themes.

Select a remote theme

You can select a remote theme in a list of themes. The list is built from
the 'collective.thememanager.sourceslist' settings. This settings is a list
of url that is supposed to contains a json rendering of the themes provided

Be a themes provider

To be a theme provider, you just have to add some 'Theme' contents in your website.
The url of the json service is ''. It will list
all themes you have in your websites !

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