Configurable Markdown to HTML converter with Parsedown Extra Plugin.
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Extension for Parsedown Extra

Configurable Markdown to HTML converter with Parsedown Extra.

Table of content:


Include ParsedownExtraPlugin.php just after the Parsedown.php and ParsedownExtra.php:

require 'Parsedown.php';
require 'ParsedownExtra.php';
require 'ParsedownExtraPlugin.php';

$parser = new ParsedownExtraPlugin();

// settings ...
$parser->code_class = 'lang-%s';

echo $parser->text('# Header {.sth}');



$parser->element_suffix = '>'; // HTML5

Predefined Abbreviations

$parser->abbreviations = array(
    'CSS' => 'Cascading Style Sheet',
    'HTML' => 'Hyper Text Markup Language',
    'JS' => 'JavaScript'

Predefined Links

$parser->links = array(
    'mecha-cms' => array(
        'url' => '',
        'title' => 'Mecha CMS'
    'test-image' => array(
        'url' => '',
        'title' => 'Test Image'

Automatic rel="nofollow" Attribute on External Links

// custom link attributes
$parser->links_attr = array();

// custom external link attributes
$parser->links_external_attr = array(
    'rel' => 'nofollow',
    'target' => '_blank'

// custom image attributes
$parser->images_attr = array(
    'alt' => ""

// custom external image attributes
$parser->images_external_attr = array();

Custom Code Class Format

$parser->code_class = 'language-%s';
$parser->code_class = function($text) {
    return trim(str_replace('.', ' ', $text));

Custom Code Text Format

$parser->code_text = '<span class="my-code">%s</span>';
$parser->code_block_text = '<span class="my-code-block">%s</span>';
$parser->code_text = function($text) {
    return do_syntax_highlighter($text);

$parser->code_block_text = function($text) {
    return do_syntax_highlighter($text);

Put <code> Attributes on <pre> Element

$parser->code_block_attr_on_parent = true;

Custom Table Class

$parser->table_class = 'table-bordered';

Custom Table Alignment Class

$parser->table_align_class = 'text-%s';

Custom Footnote ID Format

$parser->footnote_link_id = 'cite_note:%s';

Custom Footnote Back ID Format

$parser->footnote_back_link_id = 'cite_ref:%s-%s';

Custom Footnote Class

$parser->footnote_class = 'footnotes';

Custom Footnote Link Class

$parser->footnote_link_class = 'footnote-ref';

Custom Footnote Back Link Class

$parser->footnote_back_link_class = 'footnote-backref';

Custom Footnote Link Text

$parser->footnote_link_text = '[%s]';
$parser->footnote_link_text = function($text) {
    return '[' . $text . ']';

Custom Footnote Back Link Text

$parser->footnote_back_link_text = '<i class="icon icon-back"></i>';

Advance Attribute Parser

  • {#foo}<tag id="foo">
  • {#foo#bar}<tag id="bar">
  • {.foo}<tag class="foo">
  • {}<tag class="foo bar">
  • {}<tag id="foo" class="bar baz">
  • {#foo .bar .baz}<tag id="foo" class="bar baz"> (white-space before # and . becomes optional in my extension)
  • {foo="bar"}<tag foo="bar">
  • {foo="bar baz"}<tag foo="bar baz">
  • {foo='bar'}<tag foo="bar">
  • {foo='bar baz'}<tag foo="bar baz">
  • {foo=bar}<tag foo="bar">
  • {foo=}<tag foo="">
  • {foo}<tag foo="foo">
  • {foo=bar baz}<tag foo="bar" baz="baz">
  • {#a#b.c.d e="f" g="h i" j='k' l='m n' o=p q= r s t="u#v.w.x y=z"}<tag id="b" class="c d" e="f" g="h i" j="k" l="m n" o="p" q="" r="r" s="s" t="u#v.w.x y=z">

Code Block Class Without language- Prefix

Dot prefix in class name are now becomes optional, custom attributes syntax also acceptable:

  • php<pre><code class="language-php">
  • php html<pre><code class="language-php language-html">
  • .php<pre><code class="php">
  • .php.html<pre><code class="php html">
  • .php html<pre><code class="php language-html">
  • {.php #foo}<pre><code id="foo" class="php">