Python interface to Solr
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Sunburnt is a Python-based interface for working with the Apache Solr search engine.

It was written by Toby White <> for use in the Timetric platform.

Please send queries/comments/suggestions to the mailing list.

Bugs can be filed on the issue tracker.

It's tested with Solr 1.4.1 and 3.1; previous versions were known to work with 1.3 and 1.4 as well.

Full documentation can be found at


  • Requirements:

  • Strongly recommended:

    • mx.DateTime

      Sunburnt will happily deal with dates stored either as Python datetime objects, or as mx.DateTime objects. The latter are preferable, having better semantics and a wider representation range. They will be used if present, otherwise sunburnt will fall back to Python datetime objects.

    • pytz

      If you're using native Python datetime objects with Solr (rather than mx.DateTime objects) you should also have pytz installed to guarantee correct timezone handling.

  • Optional (only to run the tests)