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I've left the currency field as a string. I can't decide on what would be the most used and comfortable way to represent monetary values in Python in a localised and internationalised way. I've fiddled with Decimal, there are other obvious ideas but I've decided to let it stay at the notation exactly how currency fields are stored in solr.

This relates to issue #48.


Thanks, this solves #48 for me. Is there any reason why is this not in tow/master, yet?


Yes, I would like to know this as well. Is there any problem with this patch?


shouldnt this be fixed with the patch for issue #66?


Yes, looking at the attached commits, I guess this pull request might be superseded by #66, but I am not versed well enough with this project to be sure.


#66 did indeed fix this, in that it provides exactly the same behaviour as this patch, plus more.

@tow tow closed this Nov 12, 2013
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