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Sunburnt is a Python-based interface for working with the Solr ( search engine.

It was written by Toby White <> for use in the Timetric ( platform.

Please send queries/comments/suggestions to:

It's tested with Solr 1.4/1.4.1; previous versions were known to work with 1.3 as well. It should work with newer versions of Solr as well, but will not support any newer features.

The API is not fixed yet, but is mostly stable. Examples of its use can be found at


  * httplib2
  * lxml

Strongly recommended

  * mx.DateTime

  Sunburnt will happily deal with dates stored either as Python datetime objects, or as mx.DateTime objects. The latter are preferable, having better semantics and a wider representation range. They will be used if present, otherwise sunburnt will fall back to Python datetime objects.

  * pytz

  Solr DateFields must be in UTC. If using native Python datetime objects, you should also have pytz installed to guarantee correct timezone handling.


  To run the tests, you'll also need:

  * nose
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