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class Tower.Model.Relation extends Tower.Class
# Construct a new relation.
# @param [Function] owner Tower.Model class this relation is defined on.
# @param [String] name name of the relation.
# @param [Object] options options hash.
# @option options [String] type name of the associated class.
# @option options [Boolean] readonly (false)
# @option options [Boolean] validate (false)
# @option options [Boolean] autosave (false)
# @option options [Boolean] touch (false)
# @option options [Boolean] dependent (false) if true, relationship records
# will be destroyed if the owner record is destroyed.
# @option options [String] inverseOf (undefined)
# @option options [Boolean] polymorphic (false)
# @option options [String] foreignKey Defaults to "#{as}Id" if polymorphic, else "#{singularName}Id"
# @option options [String] foreignType Defaults to "#{as}Type" if polymorphic, otherwise it's undefined
# @option options [Boolean|String] idCache (false)
# @option options [String] idCacheKey Set to the value of the `idCache` option if it's a string,
# otherwise it's `"#{singularTargetName}Ids"`.
# @option options [Boolean] counterCache (false) if true, will increment `relationshipCount` variable
# when relationship is created/destroyed.
# @option options [String] counterCacheKey Set to the value of the `counterCache` option if it's a string,
# otherwise it's `"#{singularTargetName}Count"`.
# @see Tower.Model.Relations.ClassMethods#hasMany
constructor: (owner, name, options = {}) ->
@[key] = value for key, value of options
@owner = owner
@name = name
initialize: (options) ->
owner = @owner
name = @name
# @type = Tower.namespaced(options.type || Tower.Support.String.camelize(Tower.Support.String.singularize(name)))
@type = options.type || Tower.Support.String.camelize(Tower.Support.String.singularize(name))
@ownerType = Tower.namespaced(
@dependent ||= false
@counterCache ||= false
@idCache = false unless @hasOwnProperty("idCache")
@readonly = false unless @hasOwnProperty("readonly")
@validate = false unless @hasOwnProperty("validate")
@autosave = false unless @hasOwnProperty("autosave")
@touch = false unless @hasOwnProperty("touch")
@inverseOf ||= undefined
@polymorphic = options.hasOwnProperty("as") || !!options.polymorphic
@default = false unless @hasOwnProperty("default")
@singularName = Tower.Support.String.camelize(, true)
@pluralName = Tower.Support.String.pluralize( # collectionName?
@singularTargetName = Tower.Support.String.singularize(name)
@pluralTargetName = Tower.Support.String.pluralize(name)
@targetType = @type
# hasMany "posts", foreignKey: "postId", idCacheKey: "postIds"
unless @foreignKey
if @as
@foreignKey = "#{@as}Id"
@foreignKey = "#{@singularName}Id"
@foreignType ||= "#{@as}Type" if @polymorphic
if @idCache
if typeof @idCache == "string"
@idCacheKey = @idCache
@idCache = true
@idCacheKey = "#{@singularTargetName}Ids"
@owner.field @idCacheKey, type: "Array", default: []
if @counterCache
if typeof @counterCache == "string"
@counterCacheKey = @counterCache
@counterCache = true
@counterCacheKey = "#{@singularTargetName}Count"
@owner.field @counterCacheKey, type: "Integer", default: 0
do (name) ->
owner.prototype[name] = ->
# @return [Tower.Model.Relation.Scope]
scoped: (record) ->
new Tower.Model.Scope(new @constructor.Criteria(model: @klass(), owner: record, relation: @))
# @return [Function]
targetKlass: ->
# Class for model on the other side of this relationship.
# @return [Function]
klass: ->
# Relation on the associated object that maps back to this relation.
# @return [Tower.Model.Relation]
inverse: (type) ->
return @_inverse if @_inverse
relations = @targetKlass().relations()
if @inverseOf
return relations[@inverseOf]
for name, relation of relations
# need a way to check if class extends another class in coffeescript...
return relation if relation.inverseOf == @name
for name, relation of relations
return relation if relation.targetType == @ownerType
class Tower.Model.Relation.Criteria extends Tower.Model.Criteria
isConstructable: ->
constructor: (options = {}) ->
@owner = options.owner
@relation = options.relation
@records = []
clone: ->
(new @constructor(model: @model, owner: @owner, relation: @relation, records: @records.concat(), instantiate: @instantiate)).merge(@)
setInverseInstance: (record) ->
if record && @invertibleFor(record)
inverse = record.relation(@inverseReflectionFor(record).name) = owner
invertibleFor: (record) ->
inverse: (record) ->
_teardown: ->
_.teardown(@, "relation", "records", "owner", "model", "criteria")
for phase in ["Before", "After"]
for action in ["Create", "Update", "Destroy", "Find"]
do (phase, action) =>
Tower.Model.Relation.Criteria::["_run#{phase}#{action}CallbacksOnStore"] = (done) ->
@store["run#{phase}#{action}"](@, done)
require './relation/belongsTo'
require './relation/hasMany'
require './relation/hasManyThrough'
require './relation/hasOne'
module.exports = Tower.Model.Relation
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