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base: 4a039083ee
head fork: tower/tower
compare: b7b4c55dc3
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Commits on Apr 09, 2012
@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Fixed @on socket event listeners on server-side controllers
Calling @on for socket events on the server-side controller now registers the event
handler in an array, and when Socket.IO is initialized, it will register the handlers
with Socket.IO in the correct namespace.
@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Merge branch 'master' of into feat…
@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Fixed and extended the functionality on the client-side.
Client-side can use the socket object to respond to events.
Fixed a bug where the socket.IO tries to connect to the wrong namespace on the client
@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Pass parameters from socketIO call to the controller. d5a92a3
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Added Iced-Coffee-Script support. 788724f
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Merge branch 'master' of into feat…

@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Use iced-coffee-script in the binary 0379cfc
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
@lancejpollard lancejpollard remove ember test in dev bb63045
@lancejpollard lancejpollard fix for node 0.4 6afade9
@lancejpollard lancejpollard update package.json libs ef0f3a1
@lancejpollard lancejpollard fixes for coffeescript strict mode 4681fe3
@lancejpollard lancejpollard update assets:stats e23df4a
@lancejpollard lancejpollard merged iced coffee 06b246a
@lancejpollard lancejpollard merge socket feature ac6a0c1
Commits on Apr 16, 2012
@lancejpollard lancejpollard bump patch version (unreleased) a7142c0
@lancejpollard lancejpollard Merge branch 'master' into development 1279de9
@lancejpollard lancejpollard remove iced-coffee-script from bin 9e5fa17
@lancejpollard lancejpollard mongo a2a59f7
@lancejpollard lancejpollard fix to _.isPresent for dates 9f278c4
@lancejpollard lancejpollard fixes #95 c5d93bc
@lancejpollard lancejpollard bump version 196f4fd
@sebastianhoitz sebastianhoitz Added test case for issue #92 a721fc4
@lancejpollard lancejpollard Merge pull request #96 from komola/issue/92
Added test case for issue #92
@lancejpollard lancejpollard remove old helper methods a61c48d
@lancejpollard lancejpollard basic test b7b4c55
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