Issue #365 - Added destroy command #372

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I added a destroy command, refactored generator code to work with Tower.root to make generate destroy commands testable within test/example app.

Color coded logger for create actions. Also bolded the logger actions.

Updated the ulimit in the Makefile to 1000, so it can work on OS X Lion.

Destroy command handles:

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller
  • Service
  • Helper
  • Mailer
  • Template
  • Library
  • Scaffold

Need to look into handling namespaces like in Rails.

tower generate model Animal::Bird would generate app/models/animal/bird.rb


tower destroy model Animal::Bird would delete app/models/animal/bird.rb and all the references.


Could you concatenate all those commits into one?

@btbinhtran btbinhtran merged commit 4ff0b9d into tower:master Dec 27, 2012

I concatenated all the commits into one which solves issue 365 and 371, but I'm not sure why the pull request closed on my end.

I had to revert my branch because I did some additional commits on top of master, then rebase.

When I pushed the rebased issue365destroycommand branch it closed the pull request.

Hope all is well.


yeah that's weird. I heard Lance (viatropos) is fairly busy right now, so don't worry if your PR is sitting there for a little bit.


I sent him a message to take a look, so hopefully he'll get to this one soon.

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