Manage authentication credentials.
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Manage authentication credentials.

npm travis standard conduct


npm install --save township-auth


var level = require('level')
var basic = require('township-auth/basic')

var db = level('db')

var auth = require('township-auth')(db, {
  providers: { basic: basic }

  basic: {
    email: '',
    password: 'supersecret'
}, function (err, account) {
  auth.verify('basic', {
    email: '',
    password: 'supersecret'
  }, function (err, result) {
    console.log(err, result)


auth = Auth(db, providers)

Create a new instance of township-auth. Takes a levelup instance and an object with auth providers. Creates a sublevel named 'township-auth' on the levelup instance.

auth.get(key, callback(err, account))

Return an account for a given account key (uuid).

auth.findOne(provider, key, callback(err, result))

Return an account for any key on a provider.

readableStream = auth.list(options)

List all entries in the database. options is passed internally to levelup.createReadStream().

auth.create(opts, callback(err, account))

Create a new account. opts must contain a key that maps to a provider created in the auth constructor. E.g. if a basic provider was passed into the auth constructor, basic account can be created by using opts.basic

auth.update(opts, callback(err, account))

Update an account

auth.destroy(key, callback(err, account))

Delete an account

auth.verify(provider, opts, callback(err, account))

Verify an account for a provider name. opts is the data objec that is verified by the provider's .verify function

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