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 * Thinkshop :  The most userfriendly open source webshopssytem.
 * Copyright 2011, To Wonder Multimedia
 * Licensed under The MIT License
 * Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice.
 * @filesource
 * @copyright	To Wonder Multimedia
 * @link		http://www.getthinkshop.com Thinkshop Project
 * @license		http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php The MIT License
 * @version		Thinkshop beta 2.3 "Santana"

This program incorporates work covered by the following copyright and
permission notices:

  CakePhp is copyright 2005-2010, Cake Software Foundation, Inc.

  jQuery is copyright 2011, John Resig

 * Thanks to:

 * WordPress for letting us blatently steel there UX-design
 * Michael Henriksen for the css3 button css
 * Mihaiciuc Bogdan for the menu icons


Named after one of the worlds most inspiring guitarplayers, Thinkshop Santana is as versatile as creative.
With the new tagfunctions, setting related products on your website becomes a breeze, add easy-peasy language
management and multilingual admininterfaces and Thinkshop truly starts rocking the entire world.


Place all files on an apache webserver,
and go to that url. If you have enough rights on the /app/config -folder, you'll be able to
install the webshopsystem (like WordPress) within 5 minutes.

Frontend-files views are here: /app/views/winkel/ and the frontend controller is here: /app/controllers/winkel_controller.php

Good Luck!


Templates are not yet a part of Thinkshop 2.3 (sadly) but you can use the Cakephp template engine. Read all about it, here:


Place your plugins inside /app/plugins/ and follow normal CakePhp 1.2 rules. If you want to add front-end functions, just add a file titled /app/plugins/plugin_name/vendors/includes/front.php, same for the admin (only user vendors/includes/admin.php), custom routes (vendors/includes/routes.php) and custom menu-items (vendors/includes/menu.php).
If you need any new databasetables, place the appropriate sql in: /app/plugins/plugin_name/vendors/includes/install.php and all the uninstall sql in vendors/includes/uninstall.php.

More on this soon in the Thinkshop supportwiki. For now, check out Cake's awesome documentation on writing CakePhp plugins:


Thinkshop 2.3 "Santana"
Added a tag / reference system, to easily link related products. Added multi-language support in the
admininterface and pages. Added variable currencies (EUR & USD)

Thinkshop 2.2 "Hendrix":
Added fluid new css3 / html5 layouts, multiple categories per product, drag-and-drop product positioning,
new medialibrary, new loginsystem, friendly errorpages, new about and licensie page.

Thinkshop 2.1 "Moore":
Added easy 5-minute "Wordpress"-like install. Just have your database, login, password and host ready.

Thinkshop 2.0 "Cobain":
Added an extended pluginsystem on top of the CakePhp pluginsystem.

Thinkshop 1.0 "Clapton":
First beta copy of Thinkshop, contains easy productmanagement, mediamanagement, categories, product metadata, financial quarterly reviews, user management and some 'Wordpress'-like settings.