toxcore implementation in Rust
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This library is an implementation of toxcore in Rust - P2P, distributed, encrypted, easy to use DHT-based network.


The Tox Reference should be used for implementing toxcore in Rust. Reference source repository.

If existing documentation appears to not be complete, or is not clear enough, issue / pull request should be filled on the reference repository.


... are welcome 😄. For details, look at


Name Version
libsodium >=1.0.13


Fairly simple. You'll need Rust >= 1.26.0 and libsodium.

When you'll have deps, build debug version with

cargo build

To run tests:

cargo test

To build docs:

cargo doc

They will be located under target/doc/

With clippy

To check for clippy warnings (linting), you need nightly Rust with clippy-preview component.

To check:

cargo clippy --all

To check with tests:

cargo clippy --all --tests


  • improved toxcore implementation in Rust
  • Rust API
  • documentation
  • tests
  • more


Not listed items are on TODO. If you're interested in them arriving sooner, consider helping 😉

  • implementing toxcore

    • DHT Node
      • ping requests & responses
      • nodes requests & responses
      • CookieRequest
      • CookieResponse
      • CryptoHandshake
      • CryptoData
      • LanDiscovery
      • OnionRequest[0,1,2]
      • OnionResponse[3,2,1]
      • OnionAnnounceRequest & OnionDataRequest
      • OnionAnnounceResponse & OnionDataResponse (need onion client)
      • BootstrapInfo
      • NAT ping requests & responses
    • TCP Relay
      • Handshake
      • RouteRequest
      • RouteResponse
      • ConnectNotification
      • DisconnectNotification
      • PingRequest
      • PongResponse
      • OobSend
      • OobReceive
      • OnionRequest
      • OnionResponse
      • Data
    • toxencryptsave (aka TES)
  • Rust API

    It will be a subject to changes, and most likely parts that are currently public will at later point become hidden. That though depends on the needs.

  • Documentation

    • Simply great. Further improvements in progress.
  • tests

    • tests cover almost all functionality


Dual licensed under the MIT or GPLv3+ licenses. You may use this project under the terms of either the MIT License or the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3+.

For details, see LICENSE-MIT and LICENSE-GPL.