mysqli wrappers with error detection and consistent return tupes
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Not sure what the original authors were thinking in 2004, but I definetly don't want to write something like this just to fill a hash with records.

if ($db->query("INSERT INTO studends ... ;")) {
    if ($res = mysqli_insert_id($db)) {
        if ($qRes = $db->query("SELECT * FROM exam_results WHERE studint_id ...")) {
            while ($rec = mysqli_fetch_assoc($qRes)) {
                $rows[] = $rec

This is acceptable:

if (qInsert('insert into students ...;')) {
    $rows = qAssocAll("SELECT * FROM exam_results WHERE studint_id ...");


qArrayAll()              - get array (hydrate: both)
qAssocAll()              - get array (hydrate: associative)
qArrayColumnAll()        - get all values of a single column
qArrayOne()              - get a single record
qAssocOne()              - get a single record (assoc)
qOne()                   - get a single record (assoc)
qEscape()                - escape ' and "
qExists()                - get a true boolean if a query produces results
qInsert()                - get the last inserted id after inserting
qInsertId()              - get the last inserted id without inserting anything
qLastId()                - get the last inserted id without inserting anything
qResult()                - query and get a result set
qPrep()                  - prepare a statement
qExecutePrepared()       - yep
qUpdate()                - get the number of affected rows    
qVar()                   - get a single value
qError()                 - get last error


  • reduces boilerplate
  • supports mysqli and PDO with the same interface
  • loggs all SQL errors to the error_log without die()
  • returns array instead of false, empty or not.
  • fetch one column as a flat list
  • fetch a single value
  • fetches in bulk (no while-fetch-one)
  • returns the raw result object or resource if you need it