Tracking the status of PWA in Chinese browser
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Is PWA Ready Yet ?

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Tracks the features of PWA supported in browsers (especially Chinese browser).View the site.

Provide auto test page for developer.Auto Test demo

Inspired by Jake's isserviceworkerready. Mainly focus on Chinese browser and environment. Offer english version for foreigner because some Chinese browser is used not only in China.


Found your browser has not been tested?

My data is out of date?

Open Auto Test demo and run the test.

If test finished

Press the Copy button to copy the result which in JSON format.

Paste it on the issue.

If convenient, offer more information.

else if test failed

Back to Home Page, use the test demo beside each feature to test manually.

Or use v-console on the auto page to find the bug.

If you have your own data

open server/i18n/index/en.json, update the data, and take a pull request.

The data format it's like this.


  "features": [


        "name", "Feature name or <code>interface.whatever</code>",
        "description", "Brief feature details, html <strong>allowed</strong>",
        "chrome": {
          // 1 = supported
          // 0.8 = supported with little bug
          // 0.5 = supported with caveats (eg flags, nightlies, special builds)
          // 0 = not supported
          "supported": 1
          // (optional) browser version
          "minVersion": 35,
          // (optional) alternate icon, currently supports:
          // "chrome-canary"
          // "firefox-nightly"
          // "webkit"
          // "opera-developer"
          "icon": "canary",
          // (optional) details, cavats, links to tickets, flags etc
          "details": [
            "Requires <a href=\"\">Chrome Canary</a>"
        "firefox": {},
        "opera": {},
        "safari": {},
        // (optional) details that don't apply to a single browser
        "details": [
          "<strong>Chrome & Firefox</strong>: sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

      // ...


Run locally

To install, run the following in the root of your cloned copy of the repo:

npm install

To serve the site on localhost:3000:

npm start

To build the site:

npm run build