Synchronize your SublimeText configuration
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Warning: For people who saw Sublimall in trending, you have to know that I stop maintaining this project. But plugin and server source code are on github and maintainers are welcome!

Sublimall is the way to sync and save your SublimeText configuration everywhere. Just create an account, install the plugin and that's all. Sublimall is an opensource, server and plugin.

Sublimall is only for Sublime Text 3!

Server side can't read your configuration because its encrypted locally by your SublimeText.

It allows you to encrypt your package in order to increase your privacy. Let's start today!


If for any reason you can't found Sublimall on Package Control, there is a manual way to install it.

  • Open a terminal
  • Go to SublimeText plugins directory (cd $HOME/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages)
  • And clone Sublimall repository: git clone

Report a bug

Take a look at your ~/ file and post an issue. On Windows its in your C:\Users\<username>\.sublimall.log


MIT License.