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This cookiecutter template is designed for a Django project which will be pip installable.

The idea is to have a very non-intrusive dependencies template.


  • Publishable on PyPI as a Django project ( included)
  • A command line interface is provided (inspired by Sentry)
  • Manage Django settings with a sourced file
  • Provide a simple Makefile with linting and tests commands
  • Pytest integration with Django
  • Optionnal integrations like: bumpversion, docker-compose

Pytest integration is not very intrusive for people who doesn't want it. You'll just need to remove it from and remove file. Django internal tests runner will run perfectly.

Other integrations like docker-compose and bumpversion can be better, feedback and contributions are welcome.

There is a little helper with use_test_helpers option which only add: flake8, libfaketime, factory-boy and fake-factory to dev extra_requires group.