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ToxMail is a prototype of a secure messaging system that can be used to send and receive e-mails from your friends and family using your usual e-mail desktop client and maybe your webmail.


ToxMail is a server component that binds several sockets and needs to run at all times to send and receive e-mails.

To install it, you need the latest Python 2, virtualenv, the Tox lib and the Makefile tools.

To install the Tox library, you can refer to :

Then a simple make call should do the trick:

$ make build

Once all the dependencies are pulled and built, you can run the server with toxmail:

$ bin/toxmail --tox-data bob

Where bob is the Tox data file containing the generated private and public key. Do not let anyone get this file

Your e-mails will be kept into the bob.mails directory.


Once Toxmail is running, visit http://localhost:8080, you should see the dashboard with information about the configuration, the offline mode settings, a list of friends and a form to add new friends.

Offline Mode

When you send an e-mail to one of your contacts, they will receive it only if they are connected. In case the recipient is offline, Toxmail will attempt to send the mail regularly.

To maximize the chances of reaching a recipient, you can activate the offline mode. When this mode is activated, the mail is relayed to a super node that should be online all the time. The mail is stored on that node and will be relayed to the target recipient whenever they come online

For this feature to work, both you and your recipient have to activate the offline mode against the same super node.


Allowing multiple relay nodes is a planned feature.

Adding friends


Configuring your e-mail client


Inviting friends


How ToxMail works

ToxMail is a special Tox node for the distributed Tox network - that registers to the Tox DHT and runs:

  • an SMTP service
  • a Web Dashboard to manage the system
  • a POP3 service

When you run a ToxMail node, you can exchange e-mails with your friends that also have a ToxMail node running - using your regular e-mail application.

ToxMail stores your e-mail in a local Maildir.