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import nacl.utils
from nacl.public import Box, PrivateKey, PublicKey
def generate_keypair():
"""Generates a key pair"""
secret = PrivateKey.generate()
public = secret.public_key
return str(secret).encode('hex'), str(public).encode('hex')
def encrypt_text(text, secret_key, rcpt_public_key):
"""Encrypts a text
secret_key = PrivateKey(secret_key.decode('hex'))
rcpt_public_key = PublicKey(rcpt_public_key.decode('hex'))
box = Box(secret_key, rcpt_public_key)
return box.encrypt(text, nacl.utils.random(Box.NONCE_SIZE))
def decrypt_text(text, secret_key, sender_public_key):
"""Decrypts a text
secret_key = PrivateKey(secret_key.decode('hex'))
sender_public_key = PublicKey(sender_public_key.decode('hex'))
box = Box(secret_key, sender_public_key)
return box.decrypt(text)
if __name__ == '__main__':
skalice, pbalice = generate_keypair()
skbob, pbbob = generate_keypair()
encrypted = encrypt_text('1234', skalice, pbbob)
assert '1234' == decrypt_text(encrypted, skbob, pbalice)
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