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Phone number Wordlist Generator v.0.3

Rawsec's CyberSecurity Inventory

A very flexible phone number wordlist generator based on Python. Obviously, more than 30% users have their mobile phone numbers set as passwords. Sometimes you need to get a phone-numbers based wordlist for chosen region, but you have a very slow internet connection.

This is a simple but flexible python script that allows you to operatively generate needed wordlist depending on your current situation. For example, the new mobile network code appears in your country, you do not have to wait when a new wordlist appears, you can generate the new sequence with the new code in a new file, and append this file to your old wordlist using CLI.

What is new in v.0.3?

Optimized code, better performance on wordlist generation.




-Generates SNs (subscriber numbers) from 4 to 10 digits as raw output:

4 digits: from 0000 to 9999 
5 digits: from 00009 to 99999
10 digits: from 0000000000 to 9999999999

-Standard raw output is 7 digits

-Allows to add any prefixes (e.g CC, NDC)

-You have to set prefixes manually, just write them to the file "prefix.txt"

-Each prefix should be written in a new line

-You can input the prefixes in any format (e.g 093, 8093, 8-093, +38(093) e.t.c). For example, if you chose two prefixes 063 and 093 and the standard raw 7 digits output, the general output in the file "wordlist.txt" will be the next:


It means that the custom prefixes will be switched automatically, and all of generated output you will find in one wordlist file. This feature differs this script from most other generators, where you have to "set prefix => generate => wait => set prefix => generate => wait => merge two wordlists".

-If you want to generate the raw sequence without any prefix, the next line after comment in "prefix.txt" should be empty.

-Allows to add permanent suffix. Just put your suffix in the argument when script is launching.

python3 [suffix]


-Download program

-cd to the program's directory

-put your custom prefixes in the file "prefix.txt"



Quick launch:

python3 [prefix] [suffix] [length]

Note: the length you should specify is the length of generated sequence between the prefix and the suffix, but not the length of the entire numbers that should appear in your wordlist

output wordlist.txt size with standard 7-digits raw output:

--without prefixes ~ 80 Mb

--with two 3-digits prefixes ~ 300Mb


Usage of this program is only allowed within boundaries of law. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.