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* Added :force_format option to image_column
* Various Rails 1.2.1 compatibility fixes (mainly in test)
* Added :permissions option to upload_column.
* You can now assign normal Ruby File objects to upload and image columns
* upload_form_tag and remote_upload_form_tag now accept a block, just like Rails' form_tag
* You can now pass :none to image_column versions so nothing will be done to your image.
* FIXED #8109 Parallell uploads no longer wipe each other out
* WARNING: Compatibility with Rails < 1.2.1 dropped
* A freaking huge refactoring of the code, basically ALL of the methods for accessing paths have changed, except for path itself. This was overdue and I apologize if it breaks anything, but I felt that the gain in consistency was worth it. It now works like this:
path --the current path of the file (including the filename)
relative_path --the current path of the file relative to the root_path option
dir --the directory where the file is currently stored
relative_dir --like dir but relative to root_path
store_dir --The directory where files are permanently stored
relative_store_dir --the same but relative to root_dir
tmp_dir --The directory where tempfiles are stored
relative_tmp_dir --you can work this out yourself
As you can see, this is now actually consistent, with all the relative paths relative to the same directory (err... wow?) and a consistent naming convention.
* In related news: you can now pass a Proc to the :store_dir and :tmp_dir options. The default options are now also procs, instead of being some kind of arcane super-exception like before. The procs will be passed to arguments, first the current model instance and the name of the upload column as the second.
* The :accumulate option was removed from :old_files. I really liked it, but it doesn't make sense with th new Proc-based system (it would wipe out data without thinking, thus potentially getting rid of files you want to keep). Use :keep instead or implement some kind of versioning. The new default is :delete. So beware, if you need to keep those files, make sure to change it!
* You can now specify individual versions that should be cropped in image_columns, simply add a 'c' before the string that specifies the size, so you can do:
image_column :picture, :versions => { :thumb => "100x100", :banner => "c400x200" }
Where thumb will be no larger than 100x100 (but might be smaller) and banner will be cropped to 400x200 exactly!
* Furthermore you can pass a Proc instead of a string to an image_column version:
image_column :picture, :versions => { :thumb => "100x100", :solarized => proc{|img| img.solarize} }
The Proc will be passed an RMagick object, just like process!
* render_image now uses send_file if no block is given for faster performance.
* FIXED #6955 store_dir callback called when the file is assigned
* FIXED #7697 Editing with old-files :delete / :replace erases the original file
* FIXED #7686 Problem uploading files with spaces in name
1.1.2 (unreleased)
* new :validates_integrity option replaces the old validates_integrity_of. The latter was more elegant, but posed a security risk, since files would be stored on the server in a remotely accessible location without having been validated. I tried to fix the bug, but couldn't make it work, so I opted for the less elegant, but safe solution instead.
* readded the :file_exec option, it's now possible to set this manually again. I cut it originally, because I felt that it was unneccessary and that there were too many options already, I readded it mainly to make it possible to test the validation better.
* assign, save, delete_temporary_files, delete, filename= and dir= are now all private, I see no reason why they should be public, and since they aren't really useful out of context I think it makes for a cleaner API to make them private, if you still need to use them, you can use .send(:save), etc.. instead.
* Added magic columns, see the readme for detaills.