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kintone query builder php
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kintone query builder php


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Query builder for Kintone REST API in PHP. Kintone query builder helps you to make a parameter string query of GET /records.json.



composer require toyokumo/kintone-query-builder:v1.0.0
composer install


use KintoneQueryBuilder\KintoneQueryBuilder;
use KintoneQueryBuilder\KintoneQueryExpr;
// example
// all operators(=, !=, like, not like, <, >, <=, >=, in, not in) are supported
(new KintoneQueryBuilder())->where('name', '=', 'hoge')->build();
// => 'name = "hoge"'
(new KintoneQueryBuilder())
    ->where('favorite', 'in', ['apple', 'banana', 'orange'])
// => 'favorite in ("apple","banana","orange")'
(new KintoneQueryBuilder())
    ->where('age', '>', 10)
    ->andWhere('name', 'like', 'banana') // you can write 'where' instead here (where = andWhere).
    ->andWhere('name', '!=', 'banana')
// => 'age > 10 and name like "banana" and name != "banana"'
(new KintoneQueryBuilder())
    ->where('age', '>', 20)
    ->orderBy('$id', 'desc')
// => 'age > 20 order by $id desc limit 50'
(new KintoneQueryBuilder()) // for nested query, pass KintoneQueryExpr to $builder->where.
    (new KintoneQueryExpr())
        ->where('a', '<', 1)
        ->andWhere('b', '<', 1)
    (new KintoneQueryExpr())
        ->where('c', '<', 1)
        ->andWhere('d', '<', 1)
// => '(a < 1 and b < 1) or (c < 1 and d < 1)'
(new KintoneQueryBuilder())->where('x', '=','ho"ge')->build()
// escape double quote
// => 'x = "ho\"ge"'

example: fetch all records from kintone API

You can't get more than 501 records because of kintone API restriction. In that situation, kintone query builder is very useful.

use KintoneQueryBuilder\KintoneQueryBuilder;
$builder = (new KintoneQueryBuilder())->where(...);
$records = $api->fetch($;
$offset = 0;
$records_max = 500; // max records you can get at once (kintone API restriction)
while(!\empty($records)) {
    // do something
    $records = $api->fetch($builder->offset($offset)->build());

Precautions: methods are mutable methods

Note that $builder->where(...) modifies $builder and returns itself instead of returning a new copied builder object. This may cause unexpected behaivor like this.

$builder = (new KintoneQueryBuilder());
$q0 = $builder->where('x', '=', 1)->build();
// $q0 = 'x = 1'
$q1 = $builder->where('y', '=', 1)->bulid();
// $q1 = 'x = 1 and y = 1', not 'y = 1'

If you want $builder to return 'y=1', you should define a factory function (or a factory class).

function getBaseBuilder() {
    return (new KintoneQueryBuilder())->where('x', '=', 1);
$q0 = getBaseBuilder()->build();
$q1 = getBaseBuilder()->where('y', '=', 1)->build();
$q2 = getBaseBuilder()->bulid(); // you can get 'x = 1' again

This pattern is useful if you want to use the same builder again to build a little bit different query.

More examples.

how to contribute

Feel free to send us pull requests.


git clone
composer install
composer test


Install prettier and run composer format.



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