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(in-package :array-operations)
(defun find-original-array (array)
"Find the original parent of a displaced array, return this and the
sum of displaced index offsets."
(let ((sum-of-offsets 0))
(multiple-value-bind (displaced-to displaced-index-offset)
(array-displacement array)
(when displaced-to
(setf array displaced-to)
(incf sum-of-offsets displaced-index-offset)
(go check-displacement))))
(values array sum-of-offsets)))
(defun displace-array (array dimensions index-offset)
"Make a displaced array from array with the given dimensions and the
index-offset and the same element-type as array. Tries to displace
from the original array."
(multiple-value-bind (original-array sum-of-offsets)
(find-original-array array)
(make-array dimensions
:element-type (array-element-type array)
:displaced-to original-array
:displaced-index-offset (+ sum-of-offsets index-offset))))
(defun flatten-array (array)
"Return a flat (ie rank 1) displaced version of the array."
(displace-array array (array-total-size array) 0))
;; (defun find-or-displace-to-flat-array (array)
;; "Find a flat array that array is displaced to, or create one that is
;; displaced to the original array. Also return the index-offset and
;; length (total size). Useful for passing to reduce etc."
;; (bind ((total-size (array-total-size array))
;; ((:values original-array index-offset) (find-original-array array)))
;; (if (= (array-rank original-array) 1)
;; (values original-array index-offset total-size)
;; (values (displace-array original-array total-size index-offset)
;; 0 total-size))))
(defparameter *a* #2A((1 2) (3 4)))
(defun array-map (function array
&optional (element-type (array-element-type array)))
"Map an array into another one elementwise using function. The
resulting array has the given element-type."
(bind ((result (make-array (array-dimensions array) :element-type element-type))
((:values original index-offset) (find-original-array array)))
(for result-index :from 0 :below (array-total-size array))
(for original-index :from index-offset)
(setf (row-major-aref result result-index)
(funcall function (row-major-aref original original-index))))
(defun array-copy (array)
"Copy the elements of array. Does not copy the elements themselves
recursively, if you need that, use array-map."
(array-map #'identity array))
(defun array-map! (function array)
"Replace each element 'elt' of an array with (funcall function elt),
and return the modified array."
(dotimes (i (array-total-size array))
(setf (row-major-aref array i) (funcall function (row-major-aref array i)))))
(defun array-convert (element-type array)
"Convert array to desired element type. Always makes a copy, even
if no conversion is required."
(let ((element-type (upgraded-array-element-type element-type)))
(if (equal (array-element-type array) element-type)
(array-copy array)
(array-map #'(lambda (x) (coerce x element-type)) array element-type))))