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(in-package #:cl-user)
(defpackage #:cl-colors-tests
(:use #:alexandria #:common-lisp #:cl-colors #:let-plus #:lift)
(:export #:run))
(in-package #:cl-colors-tests)
(deftestsuite cl-colors-tests () ())
(defun run ()
"Run all the tests for CL-COLORS-TESTS."
(run-tests :suite 'cl-colors-tests))
(defun eps= (a b &optional (epsilon 1e-10))
(<= (abs (- a b)) epsilon))
(defun rgb= (rgb1 rgb2 &optional (epsilon 1e-10))
"Compare RGB colors for (numerical) equality."
(let+ (((&rgb red1 green1 blue1) rgb1)
((&rgb red2 green2 blue2) rgb2))
(and (eps= red1 red2 epsilon)
(eps= green1 green2 epsilon)
(eps= blue1 blue2 epsilon))))
(defun random-rgb ()
(rgb (random 1d0) (random 1d0) (random 1d0)))
(addtest (cl-colors-tests)
(loop repeat 100 do
(let ((rgb (random-rgb)))
(ensure-same rgb (as-rgb (as-hsv rgb)) :test #'rgb=))))
;; (defun test-hue-combination (from to positivep)
;; (dotimes (i 21)
;; (format t "~a " (hue-combination from to (/ i 20) positivep))))
(addtest (cl-colors-tests)
(let ((rgb (rgb 0.070 0.203 0.337)))
(ensure-same "#123456" (print-hex-rgb rgb))
(ensure-same "123456" (print-hex-rgb rgb :hash nil))
(ensure-same "#135" (print-hex-rgb rgb :short t))
(ensure-same "135" (print-hex-rgb rgb :hash nil :short t))
(ensure-same "#12345678" (print-hex-rgb rgb :alpha 0.47))
(ensure-same "12345678" (print-hex-rgb rgb :alpha 0.47 :hash nil))
(ensure-same "#1357" (print-hex-rgb rgb :alpha 0.47 :short t))
(ensure-same "1357" (print-hex-rgb rgb :alpha 0.47 :hash nil :short t))))
(addtest (cl-colors-tests)
(let ((rgb (rgb 0.070 0.203 0.337)))
(ensure-same rgb (parse-hex-rgb "#123456") :test (rcurry #'rgb= 0.01))
(ensure-same rgb (parse-hex-rgb "123456") :test (rcurry #'rgb= 0.01))
(ensure-same rgb (parse-hex-rgb "#135") :test (rcurry #'rgb= 0.01))
(ensure-same rgb (parse-hex-rgb "135") :test (rcurry #'rgb= 0.01))
(flet ((aux (list1 list2)
(and (rgb= (car list1) (car list2) 0.01)
(eps= (cadr list1) (cadr list2) 0.01))))
(ensure-same (list rgb 0.47) (multiple-value-list (parse-hex-rgb "#12345678")) :test #'aux)
(ensure-same (list rgb 0.47) (multiple-value-list (parse-hex-rgb "12345678")) :test #'aux)
(ensure-same (list rgb 0.47) (multiple-value-list (parse-hex-rgb "#1357")) :test #'aux)
(ensure-same (list rgb 0.47) (multiple-value-list (parse-hex-rgb "1357")) :test #'aux))))
(addtest (cl-colors-tests)
(ensure-same "#123456" (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
(print-hex-rgb (rgb 0.070 0.203 0.337)
:destination T))))
(addtest (cl-colors-tests)
(loop repeat 100 do
(let ((rgb (random-rgb)))
(ensure-same rgb (parse-hex-rgb (print-hex-rgb rgb)) :test (rcurry #'rgb= 0.01)))))
(addtest (cl-colors-tests)
(ensure-same (rgb 0.070 0.203 0.337) (parse-hex-rgb "foo#123456zzz" :start 3 :end 10)
:test (rcurry #'rgb= 0.001)))