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;;; -*- Mode:Lisp; Syntax:ANSI-Common-Lisp; Coding:utf-8 -*-
(in-package #:cl-num-utils)
(deftype double-float-vector (&optional (length '*))
`(simple-array double-float (,length)))
(declaim (inline chebyshev-recursion))
(defun chebyshev-recursion (x value previous-value)
"Chebyshev polynomial recursion formula."
(- (* 2 x value) previous-value))
(declaim (inline chebyshev-root))
(defun chebyshev-root (m i)
"Return the iTH root of the Mth Chebyshev polynomial as double-float."
(assert (within? 0 i m))
(- (cos (/ (* (+ i 1/2) (float pi 1d0)) m))))
(defun chebyshev-roots (m)
"Return the roots of the Mth Chebyshev polynomial as a vector of
(aprog1 (make-array m :element-type 'double-float)
(dotimes (i m)
(setf (aref it i) (chebyshev-root m i)))))
(defun chebyshev-regression (f n-polynomials
&optional (n-points n-polynomials))
"Chebyshev polynomial regression using the given number of polynomials and
points (zeroes of the corresponding Chebyshev polynomial)."
(check-types (n-polynomials n-points) positive-fixnum)
(assert (<= n-polynomials n-points) ()
"Can't identify ~A coefficients with only ~A points."
n-polynomials n-points)
(locally (declare (optimize speed)
(type positive-fixnum n-polynomials n-points))
(let+ ((z (the double-float-vector (chebyshev-roots n-points)))
(f-at-z (map 'double-float-vector
(lambda (z) (coerce (funcall f z) 'double-float)) z))
(coefficients (make-array n-points :element-type 'double-float))
(values z)
((&flet weighted-sum (values)
(/ (loop for v across values
for f across f-at-z
summing (* f v))
(/ n-points 2)))))
(declare (type double-float-vector
z f-at-z values previous-values))
(loop for j from 0 below n-polynomials
do (setf (aref coefficients j)
(if (zerop j)
(/ (reduce #'+ f-at-z) n-points)
((= j 1) (weighted-sum z))
((= j 2) (setf values
(map 'double-float-vector
(lambda (z)
(chebyshev-recursion z z 1d0))
((= j 3)
(setf previous-values values
values (map 'double-float-vector
z previous-values z)))
(t (map-into previous-values
#'chebyshev-recursion z values previous-values)
(rotatef values previous-values)))
(weighted-sum values)))))
(defun chebyshev-evaluate (coefficients x)
"Return the sum of Chebyshev polynomials, weighted by COEFFICIENTS, at X."
(let ((value (coerce x 'double-float))
(previous-value 1d0)
(sum 0d0))
(dotimes (index (length coefficients))
(incf sum (* (aref coefficients index)
((= index 0) 1d0)
((= index 1) x)
(t (setf previous-value (chebyshev-recursion x value previous-value))
(rotatef value previous-value)
(declaim (inline ab-to-cinf cinf-to-ab ab-to-cd-intercept-slope))
(defun cinf-to-ab (x a b c)
"Map x in [c,plus-infinity) to z in [a,b] using x -> (x-c)/(1+x-c)+(b-a)+a."
(let ((xc (- x c)))
(assert (<= 0 xc) () "Value outside domain.")
(+ (* (/ xc (1+ xc)) (- b a)) a)))
(defun ab-to-cinf (z a b c)
"Inverse of cinf-to-ab."
(let ((z-norm (/ (- z a) (- b a))))
(assert (within? 0 z-norm 1) () "Value outside domain.")
(+ c (/ z-norm (- 1 z-norm)))))
(defun ab-to-cd-intercept-slope (a b c d)
"Return (values INTERCEPT SLOPE) for linear mapping x:-> intercept+slope*x
from [a,b] to [c,d]."
(let ((b-a (- b a)))
(values (/ (- (* b c) (* a d)) b-a)
(/ (- d c) b-a))))
(defun chebyshev-approximate (f interval n-polynomials
&key (n-points n-polynomials))
"Return a closure approximating F on the given INTERVAL (may be infinite on
either end) using the given number of Chebyshev polynomials."
(chebyshev-approximate-implementation f interval n-polynomials n-points))
(defgeneric chebyshev-approximate-implementation (f interval n-polynomials
(:documentation "Implementation of CHEBYSHEV-APPROXIMATE.")
(:method (f (interval plusinf-interval) n-polynomials n-points)
(let+ (((&interval (left open-left?) &ign) interval)
(a (if open-left?
(chebyshev-root n-points 0)))
(left (coerce left 'double-float))
(chebyshev-regression (lambda (z)
(funcall f (ab-to-cinf z a 1d0 left)))
n-polynomials n-points)))
(lambda (x)
(chebyshev-evaluate coefficients (cinf-to-ab x a 1d0 left)))))
(:method (f (interval finite-interval) n-polynomials n-points)
(let+ (((&interval (left open-left?) (right open-right?)) interval)
((&assert (< left right)))
(a (if open-left?
(chebyshev-root n-points 0)))
(b (if open-right?
(chebyshev-root n-points (1- n-points))))
((&values intercept slope) (ab-to-cd-intercept-slope left right a b))
(coefficients (chebyshev-regression (lambda (z)
(funcall f (/ (- z intercept)
n-polynomials n-points)))
(lambda (x)
(chebyshev-evaluate coefficients (+ intercept (* slope x)))))))
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