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;;; -*- Mode:Lisp; Syntax:ANSI-Common-Lisp; Coding:utf-8 -*-
(in-package #:cl-num-utils)
;;; QUESTION: equal is hardwired, is that general enough?
;;; QUESTION: should positive integers work as keys de facto, resolving to themselves?
;;; QUESTION: should data frames with different column orders but same content be ==?
(defclass data-frame ()
((keys :reader keys :initform #() :initarg :keys)
(columns :initform #() :initarg :columns)
(table :initform (make-hash-table :test #'equal) :initarg :table))
(:documentation "An ordered collection of vectors, which are also accessible
with keys (compared with EQUAL).
Implementation notes:
- a hash table is used to speed up key lookup, but strictly speaking is not
part of the interface."))
(defmethod print-object ((data-frame data-frame) stream)
(let+ (((&slots-r/o keys columns) data-frame))
(print-unreadable-object (data-frame stream :type t)
(format stream "keys:")
(loop for key across keys do (format stream " ~S" key))
(loop for key across keys
for column across columns
do (format stream "~&~2T~A: ~A" key column)))))
(defmethod nrow ((data-frame data-frame))
(length (first* (slot-value data-frame 'columns))))
(defmethod ncol ((data-frame data-frame))
(length (slot-value data-frame 'columns)))
(defmethod as-array ((data-frame data-frame) &key &allow-other-keys)
(columns-to-matrix (slot-value data-frame 'columns)))
(defun copy-data-frame (data-frame &optional (map-columns #'identity))
"Make a copy of DATA-FRAME. MAP-COLUMNS is used to copy columns."
(let+ (((&slots-r/o keys columns table) data-frame))
(make-instance 'data-frame
:keys keys
:columns (map 'vector map-columns columns)
:table table)))
(defun add-columns2 (data-frame new-keys new-columns)
"Add columns to a data frame, which is modified (and also returned)."
(assert (length= new-keys new-columns))
(let+ (((&slots keys columns table) data-frame)
(index (length keys))
(new-table (copy-hash-table table
:size (+ index (length new-keys))))
(length (common new-columns :key #'length)))
(assert (and length
(if (plusp index)
(length= (first* columns) length)
() "Column length mismatch.")
(map nil (lambda (key)
(let+ (((&values nil present?) (gethash key table)))
(assert (not present?) () "Duplicate key ~A." key)
(setf (gethash key new-table) index)
(incf index)))
(setf keys (concatenate 'vector keys new-keys)
columns (concatenate 'vector columns new-columns)
table new-table))
(defun add-columns (data-frame key-column-alist)
"Add columns to a data frame, which is modified (and also returned)."
(add-columns2 data-frame (map 'vector #'car key-column-alist)
(map 'vector #'cdr key-column-alist)))
(defun add-column (data-frame key column)
"Add a column to the data frame."
(add-columns2 data-frame (list key) (list column)))
(defmethod == ((df1 data-frame) (df2 data-frame)
&optional (tolerance *==-tolerance*))
(let+ (((&slots-r/o (v1 columns) (k1 keys)) df1)
((&slots-r/o (v2 columns) (k2 keys)) df2))
(and (every (==* tolerance) v1 v2)
(every #'equal k1 k2))))
(defun make-data-frame (key-column-alist)
"Make a data-frame."
(add-columns (make-instance 'data-frame) key-column-alist))
(defun make-data-frame2 (keys columns)
"Make a data-frame."
(add-columns2 (make-instance 'data-frame) keys columns))
(defun matrix-to-data-frame (matrix keys)
"Convert a matrix to a data frame with the given keys."
(make-data-frame2 (coerce keys 'vector) (matrix-to-columns matrix)))
(defun data-frame-resolve-keys (data-frame keys)
"Resolve data frame keys, returning a format that can be passed to SUB."
(let+ (((&slots-r/o columns table) data-frame)
((&flet resolve% (key)
(let+ (((&values index present?) (gethash key table)))
(assert present? () "Key ~A not found." key)
(sub-resolve-selection (etypecase keys
(string (resolve% keys))
(vector (map 'vector #'resolve% keys))
((eql t) t)
(t (resolve% keys)))
(length columns) t)))
(defmethod sub ((data-frame data-frame) &rest selections)
(let+ (((row-selection col-selection) selections)
((&slots-r/o columns keys) data-frame)
(col-selection (data-frame-resolve-keys data-frame col-selection))
(row-selection (sub-resolve-selection row-selection (nrow data-frame))))
((and (fixnum? col-selection) (fixnum? row-selection))
(aref (aref columns col-selection) row-selection))
((fixnum? col-selection) ; result is a vector (column)
(sub (aref columns col-selection)
((fixnum? row-selection) ; result is a vector (row)
(map1 (lambda (col) (aref col row-selection))
(sub columns col-selection)))
(t (make-data-frame2
(sub keys col-selection)
(map1 (lambda (col) (sub col row-selection))
(sub columns col-selection)))))))
(defmethod (setf sub) (value (data-frame data-frame) &rest selections)
(let+ (((row-selection col-selection) selections)
((&slots-r/o columns) data-frame)
(col-selection (data-frame-resolve-keys data-frame col-selection))
(if (fixnum? col-selection)
(setf (sub (aref columns col-selection) row-selection) value)
(map nil (lambda (col)
(setf (sub (aref columns col) row-selection)
(sub value row-selection col)))
(defun map-data-frame (data-frame keys function
&optional (result-type 'vector))
"Map columns of a data frame that correspond to keys using FUNCTION,
returning a sequence of the given RESULT-TYPE."
(let+ (((&slots-r/o columns table) data-frame))
(apply #'map result-type function
(map 'list
(lambda (key) (aref columns (gethash* key table)))
(defun map-into-data-frame (data-frame keys function key
&optional (element-type t))
"Use map-data-frame to create a column with KEY."
(add-columns2 data-frame
(vector key)
(vector (map-data-frame data-frame keys function
`(simple-array ,element-type (*))))))
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