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compilation fails due to non-ASCII characters #14

avodonosov opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Anton Vodonosov Tamas K. Papp
Anton Vodonosov

When the default external format used by a lisp implementation (which usually depends on environment variables LANG or LC_ALL) is different from the source files encoding used by cl-num-utils, the compilation fails.

Here is an example compilation log:

ASDF now allows do add

:encoding :utf-8

to your defsystem. To be backward compatible with old ASDF versions,
it may be protected by reader conditionals like this:

#+asdf-unicode :encoding #+asdf-unicode :utf-8

(related ASDF manual chapter

Tamas K. Papp tpapp referenced this issue from a commit
Tamas K. Papp Added encoding, prettyfied defsystem forms.
- Fixes issue #14.  Decided not to use reader conditionals, pretty much
  all recent systems should have at least ASDF 2.21 by now.

- Tests does not need to depend on libraries cl-num-utils depends on
  since those are loaded with it.
Tamas K. Papp

Fixed it, thanks for the bug report. Decided not to use reader conditionals since I assume that everybody has at least ASDF 2.21 now.

Tamas K. Papp tpapp closed this
Anton Vodonosov

I am not absolutely sure everyone already updated to the latest ASDF.

For example the latest release of CLISP is 2.49 was made at 2010-07-07. It comes with ASDF 2.011.

Quicklisp also hasn't updated it's copy of ASDF (although it's only used if the lisp implementation does not provide ASDF already).

I would suggest to keep the reader conditionals

Tamas K. Papp

OK, did that. Thanks for the information.

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