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(in-package :ffa)
(defparameter *cffi-and-lisp-types*
'((:int8 . (signed-byte 8))
(:uint8 . (unsigned-byte 8))
(:int16 . (signed-byte 16))
(:uint16 . (unsigned-byte 16))
(:int32 . (signed-byte 32))
(:uint32 . (unsigned-byte 32))
(:float . single-float)
(:double . double-float)
(:complex-float . (complex single-float))
(:complex-double . (complex double-float))))
(defun elt-type (cffi-elt-type)
"Return the Lisp array element-type matching cffi-elt-type, nil
if not found."
(cdr (assoc cffi-elt-type *cffi-and-lisp-types*)))
(defun elt-type-size (cffi-elt-type)
(case cffi-elt-type
(:complex-float (* 2 (cffi:foreign-type-size :float)))
(:complex-double (* 2 (cffi:foreign-type-size :double)))
(otherwise (cffi:foreign-type-size cffi-elt-type))))
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