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Do not warn for valid lambda list keywords.

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1 parent 5a051ba commit 8e5d7376d946330b4eecdd77bf25b0797e542df0 @tpapp committed Nov 7, 2011
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@@ -99,9 +99,10 @@ form (accessor value subscripts)."
semantics of returned values.")
(:method (first rest value body)
;; forms not recognized as anything else are destructured
- (when (and (symbolp first) (eql (aref (symbol-name first) 0) #\&))
+ (when (and (symbolp first) (eql (aref (symbol-name first) 0) #\&)
+ (not (find first lambda-list-keywords)))
(warn "~A looks like a LET+ keyword, but it has no expansion method ~
- defined. Treating it as a list." first))
+ defined. Treating it as a lambda list." first))
(let ((form (cons first rest)))
(multiple-value-bind (form ignored) (replace-ignored form)
`(destructuring-bind ,form ,value

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