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Library (.NET 4.0, C#) for reading and writing application settings in standard .config (app.config, Web.Config) files using generic type safe methods. For more information see Wiki. The library functionality supports only the appSettings section. There is no support for custom configuration sections.

Latest stable release is v1.2 which is available for download


  • Reading and writing settings in the appSettings and connectionStrings sections
  • Supports standard .NET types, enums and nullables via generic type safe methods
  • Optional settings (default value you specify is returned if setting is not found)
  • Custom conversion functions
  • Custom IFormatProvider (e.g. CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("fi-FI")
  • Write/read settings directly into public properties of any object
  • Ignore properties using attributes when using ReadInto/WriteInto methods


Library is licensed under LGPL v3.0.

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