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1 parent 02974a3 commit 5f45a0b3150792032ea2a2dbdf004516475be544 @pyrovski pyrovski committed Apr 19, 2012
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4 parse-scripts/
@@ -36,6 +36,6 @@ paste -d ' ' .info clamp_data row.out > .final-table
sed '1 i freq nodes cores pkg-clamp-0 pkg-clamp-1 dram-clamp-0 dram-clamp-1 avg-time avg-pkg-0 avg-pp0-0 avg-dram-0 avg-pkg-1 avg-pp0-1 avg-dram-1 tot-pkg-0 tot-pp0-0 tot-dram-0 tot-pkg-1 tot-pp0-1 tot-dram-1' .final-table > table.out
-#rm tmp2 tmp3 tmp4
-#rm .freq .cores .nodes .power-table .final-table .clamp-table
+rm tmp2 tmp3 tmp4
+rm .freq .cores .nodes .final-table node_data.R.*

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