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Version 0.10 - June 2012
This version is not binary compatible with OCE 0.9.x, OCE_ABI_SOVERSION
was incremented.
* Upgraded to OCCT 6.5.3
* Improved compiler support for the new OCCT version
- Fix build failures on Alpha
- bcc v5.6.4 port (builder 6)
- mingw64 linux build
- OSX OpenGL Support
- gcc 4.7
* Many cppcheck, clang and msvc warning fixes
* Build system and packaging fixes and improvements
* Bugfix: Fix memory leak in OSD_FontMgr.cxx
* Bugfix: Points swapped in BRepExtrema_DistanceSS
Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier, Fotios Sioutis, Jerome Robert,
QbProg, Thomas Paviot.
Version 0.9.1 - January 2012
This is a bugfix release.
* Fixed regressions in the TKOpenGl toolkit.
Version 0.9.0 - January 2012
* Upgraded to OCCT 6.5.2
* Added support for CMake uninstall feature. make uninstall is now possible
* Many cppcheck QA and gcc warning fixes
* bugfixes: Standard_Error is not raised in Poly_CoherentTriangulation.cxx,
out of bound error in XCAFPrs/XCAFPrs_AISObject.cxx, many else clause
applies to the wrong statement, std::streamsize replacement for int in
* Added support for Standard_Time in OCE to make OCE changes portable to
WOK system.
* Many fixes and CMake support for embarcadero compilers (v6.20 and up)
* Let a mingw64 TKernel works in Wine
* Compile and run tests only if the needed components have been compiled
* Fixed TBB support in debug/msvc
* Geom_BSplineCurve.cxx: Add explicit exception message in case of error
* Other compilation and build fixes
Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier, Davy Wouters, Fotios Sioutis, Jerome Robert,
Massimo Del Fedele, Simon Floery, Thomas Paviot.
Version 0.8.0 - December 2011
* Added more unit tests
* Help building on systems without cmake, in particular with WOK
* Removed deprecated bcc32 project files
* bcc32 and bcc xe edition support
* Fixes to allow building with cmake 2.6 - cmake 2.8 is stricly required only
when running unit tests
* Added Standard_StdAllocator class + UnitTest
* Added an option to disable the bspline mesher, and reverts to OFF
(not disabled) the default behavoir
* Correctly set DEB,_DEBUG and NDEBUG defines. Enabling DEB (additional
debug code) is now an option
* Macro fixes in Draw package
* Solves a copy-paste bug in TDataXtd_PatternStd (bug #195)
* Add support installing libraries into lib64
* Ensure that GLU is found when checking for OpenGL
* Fixed opengl (ftgl) font issue
* Strip system paths from RPATH.
* Add few missing resource files (UnitsAPI support)
Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier,Fotios Sioutis,Thomas Paviot,QbProg,Richard,Roman Lygin
Version 0.7.0 - October 2011
* Updated build and install instructions
* Allow changing default values of MMGT_* variables
The following macros can be set when compiling to override
default settings:
* Allow building unversioned libraries :
Third-party applications which embed OCE may find convenient
to drop version numbers from libraries.
With this commit, one can call cmake -DOCE_NO_LIBRARY_VERSION=ON.
This is based on a similar feature found in VTK.
* Disabled the BSpline mesher, since it generates over-refined meshes.
The generic one will be used instead.
* Removed src/FontMFT/*.mft files
* More tests added : Step import and mesher
* Win32 specific changes :
- Install Debug and Release libraries into the same directory
- Automatically define WNT depending on compiler predefined macros
- Auto-install TBB dlls
- Export the target informations in Win32. This allows to find OCE from
cmake projects even win 32.
- Fixed mingw64 compilation
* Some additional GCC warning removals
* Other minor fixes
Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier,He Yuqi,Jerome Robert,QbProg,Thomas Paviot
Version 0.6.0 - September 2011
* Cmake 2.8 is explicitly required to build OCE.
* Removed many X11 dependencies. Now it is possible to build a large part of
OCE (with the exception of visualisation) without depending on X11 (using
OCE_DISABLE_X11 option).
* Cmake support : Cmake users will be able to correctly find OCE using
FIND_PACKAGE(OCE). Several examples are added to show how to use it in
end-user programs. It is now possible to detect/request single toolkits.
* Packaging : change installation paths; we do no more install files at the
same location as OpenCascade, but adopted more standard paths.
* Tests : integrated gtest 1.6.0 and added other unit tests, which helped in
fixing some bugs. Added MSVC support to the testsuite.
* Win32/MSVC improvements:
+ Enabled configuration files in Win32 platforms
+ Plugins and TKOpenGL are correctly found in debug builds
+ TKOpenGL works when building static libraries
* Modify tcl scripts to not require $env(CASROOT).
* Many small changes, bug fixes and warning removals.
+ Improvements to OSD_Process::SystemDate()
+ TKernel : add dependency against -ldl.
+ Bugfix : Work around a cmake bug that prevented building Win64+MSVC+static libs
+ Bugfix : add missing include in BRepBlend_BlendTool.lxx.
+ Bugfix : fix mismatch new/delete in Standard_Failure.cxx
+ Fixed compiler warnings in OpenGl_TextureBox.cxx
+ Whitespace cleanup
+ In module TKOpenGL, fixed the two remaining GCC warnings of the form :
"comparison between ‘enum texStatus’ and ‘enum texDataStatus’"
+ Added missing include in BRepBlend_BlendTool.lxx
+ Fix capitalization of include file
+ pass NULL for timezone pointer to gettimeofday()
+ eliminate bad cast by copying to local variable
+ use localtime_r if available
+ Do not redefine memmove as an alias for memcpy
+ Workaround GCC (< 4.3) bugs in gp_Mat, gp_XYZ, gp_Mat2d and gp_XY.
+ Fix HashCode, it could segault when MMGT_OPT is not set to 1.
Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier, Thomas Paviot, Hugues Delorme, QbProg,
Matthew Dempsky, Massimo Del Fedele,
Version 0.5.0 - August 2011
This released integrated OCCT 6.5.1, continued on the warning cleanup, and
fixed some bugs. This a ABI breaking release, due to the warning fixes
and the new OCCT version.
Programs compiled with OCCT 6.5.1 will compile untouched with OCE 0.5.0
* OCCT 6.5.1 : aligned to the lasted OpenCascade Tecnology release,
while mantaining all the patches previously applyed.
* Breaking changes : to allow the removal of many compiler warnings, we
did some breaking changes in some of the headers, mainly related to the
type of private class fields. Existing code will still compile untouched.
* Warning removal and code cleanup : we removed many other warnings and
cleaned up some functions. Some cppcheck warnings were also fixed.
* Added TBB support in memory allocation : OCE builds compiled with the
TBB option on will benefit from it's multithreaded memory allocator.
* Bug fixes : some bugs were spotted during the cleanup process, and
were fixed and reported. Other bugs were noticed from the forum and
* Installing version information : Programs using CMake will allow to find
OCE with a specific version string.
* Program using OCE won't require to compile with -DHAVE_OCE_CONFIG anymore.
Users who contributed to this release:
Thomas Paviot, Denis Barbier, QbProg, Hugues Delorme, Muellni,
Philippe Carret
Version 0.4.0 - July 2011
This release focused on improving code quality and the cmake build system.
* CPack support : including DEB,RPM and MacOsX package generation
* CTest support : initial infrastructure to develop unit tests using
googletest and CTest. Actually working in Linux and MacOsX.
* CDash support : to see the
status of the tests on various platforms
* Fixed many compiler warnings: this allows to have a cleaner compilation
and helped in finding some bugs. Probably many of the annoying MSVC CRT
debug error windows are also gone.
Some warnings may still be present, and will be fixed in successive versions.
* Added NMake support
* Drastically reduced MSVC compilation time, using precompiled headers
* Added version information in Win32 DLLs: this information will be useful
for installers and packaging systems.
* Let OCEConfig.cmake use relative paths in order to allow moving
install tree (related to Linux and MacOsX)
Users who contributed to this release:
Thomas Paviot , Mark Pictor, Muellni,Denis Barbier, Hugh Sorby, QbProg
Version 0.3.0 - June 2011
* Make CMake work with MSVC. This generator is special,
it generates both Debug and Release configurations.
* Add an option to enable maximum warning levels
* Improve handling of CMake options
[Hugh Sorby]
* Fix build failures with g++ 4.6
[Denis Barbier]
* Clean up CMakeLists.txt, remove unused macros.
[Mark Pictor]
* Create two config files, one is used during compilation,
another one is used when linking against OCE. The latter
contains fewer macros, and they are prefixed by OCE_ to
prevent name clashes.
[Mark Pictor]
* Start fixing compiler warnings.
[QbProg, Thomas Paviot]
* Create a bundle for MSVC
* Fix cross compilation with Mingw. We were not able to
build visualization stuff previously.
* Install an OCEConfig.cmake file so that programs can use
FIND_PACKAGE(OCE) to set variables to link against OCE.
* Undefine Convex before it is used by OCE as a method or
function, this may be a macro defined by X11.h
[Thomas Paviot]
* Remove -DLIN from compiler flags. It still works on Linux,
and this causes crashes on Mac OSX.
[Thomas Paviot]
* Delete inc/TopOpeBRep_tools.hxx, this file is unused, and it
includes TopOpeBRepDS_tools.hxx which does not exist.
[Denis Barbier]
* Remove Autotools files for Unix and MSVC, CMake build system
works fine on these platforms. We keep Borland project
files for now, this IDE is not supported by CMake.
[Thomas Paviot]
Version 0.2.0 - May 2011
* Add CMake build files, based on the opencascade-cmake project
Works fine on Linux, needs more testing on Mac OSX and Windows.
[Hugh Sorby, Thomas Paviot, Mark Pictor, Denis Barbier, QbProg]
* Let CMake generate and env.csh scripts with
accurate variables.
[Denis Barbier]
* Fix lines in Visual3d_Layer class.
[Fotis Sioutis]
* Changes required to build OCE on some non-x86 architectures
on Unix.
[Denis Barbier]
* Add OpenMP support, users can choose between OpenMP and TBB.
[Denis Barbier]
* When building with CMake, paths are set at compile time so that
everything works without having to set environment variables.
[Denis Barbier]
Version 0.1.0 - April 2011
* Import OCC 6.5.0
[Thomas Paviot]
* Add instructions for cloning/pulling with git and for
building from sources.
[Thomas Paviot]
* Replace Abs(foo < bar) by Abs(foo) < bar.
These bugs have been reported on the opencascade forum:
[Fotis Sioutis]
* Rename guards for MSVC specific pragmas from WNT to _MSC_VER.
These are mainly #pragma warnings or MSVCRT specific things.
* Fix build failures with Borland compiler.
[Fotis Sioutis]
* Add project files for Borland Developer Studio 10.
[Fotis Sioutis]
* Fix build failures with Mingw.
[Jérôme Robert]
* Add new Automake conditionals: HAVE_X11 and IS_WINDOWS.
When X11 is not found, do not compile sources from Xw and
ImageUtility. On Windows, compile files from ros/src/WNT.
[Denis Barbier]
* Improve Autools usage.
[Denis Barbier]
* Assume /usr when --with-gl2ps/--with-freeimage configure
options are specified without arguments.
Submitted upstream:
[Mark Pictor]
* New --with-ftgl212 to declare FTGL 2.1.2 location.
Fix sources to also work with newer FTGL versions.
Submitted upstream:
BugID = OCC22328
[Denis Barbier]
* Add missing clock_gettime implementation in MacOSX.
[Thomas Paviot]
* Remove duplicate header files.
[Fotis Sioutis]
* Fix build failure with tcl 8.6.
Submitted upstream:
BugID = OCC22327
[Denis Barbier]
* Bug fix: text doesn't get displayed in 6.5.
Submitted upstream:
[Venugopal Gudimetla]
* Fix building with FreeImage on Unix.
Submitted upstream:
[Denis Barbier]
* Add -version-info 0:0:0 libtool flag on Unix.
[Denis Barbier]
* Rename config.h into oce-config.h.
[Denis Barbier]
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