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The process below should work just as well with Mingw32. The difference is that you need to replace x86_64 by i686 in the pacman commands, and open mingw32.exe instead of mingw64.exe for the actually compilation procedure. The MSYS2 and mingw32.exe may also be in a folder C:/msys32/ instead of C:/msys64/.


Install MSYS2 by following the procedure at:

QT5 and compilation tools

Open MSYS2 (MSYS2.exe, likely located in C:/msys64/), install cmake, git (sys/git), make (sys/make), toolchain (includes gcc):

pacman -Sy git
pacman -Sy make
pacman -Sy cmake
pacman -Sy ming-w64-x86_64-toolchain

Still in MSYS2, install qt5:

pacman -Sy mingw-w64-x86_64-qt5



Still in MSYS2, continue by installing libraries that you will need: freeimage, gl2ps,freetype, libpng, tcl, tk. This list may be too extensive (I cannot recall if tcl and tk are actually necessary for compiling OCE).

pacman -Sy mingw-w64-x86_64-freeimage
pacman -Sy mingw-w64-x86_64-gl2ps
pacman -Sy mingw-w64-x86_64-freetype
pacman -Sy mingw-w64-x86_64-libpng

pacman -Sy mingw-w64-x86_64-tcl
pacman -Sy mingw-w64-x86_64-tk

Note that the libraries freetype and libpng should already be installed with qt5, but I added them just in case.

Now, close down MSYS2.exe and open mingw64.exe instead (likely located in C:/msys64/, like MSYS2.exe).

cd to the folder C:/msys64/, and download OCE using git:

cd /c/msys64/
git clone


Once OCE is downloaded, follow the "Building" section at (I do this using cmake-gui.exe), taking into account the following:

  • You don't need to use the Bundle as all those libraries are already available under MSYS2.
  • You must add to CMAKE_NEED_RESPONSE=YES to Cmake before launching the Configure. If you correct this after the error has occured (it's a "linking error, argument list too long" error that happens after approx. 40% of the compilation), then compilation will restart from scratch. So, I recommend adding this upfront, and not wait for the error. Otherwise, you'll have wasted some hours.
  • When you Configure, use MSYS Makefiles and set CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM to C:/msys64/usr/bin/make.exe. The rest should be straight-forward. Once Configure is successful, run Generate and finally close cmake-gui.


cd into your build directory and run make. Remember that it's probably a good idea to use -j4 (or more, if you have).

make -j4

As usual, compilation takes forever, but it goes smoothly (only one of the tests failed at the very end for me; but was not important).