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This repository has been archived by the owner on Apr 7, 2019. It is now read-only.
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A collection of PowerShell scripts to generate as built reports on the configuration of datacentre infrastucture in Text, XML, HTML & MS Word formats.


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This repository has been archived and set to read-only.

A new repository for the AsBuiltReport project is available here.

Further information regarding AsBuiltReport is available here

The following information is for reference purposes only.

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AsBuiltReport is a PowerShell module which generates As-Built documentation for many common datacentre infrastructure systems. Reports can be generated in Text, XML, HTML and MS Word formats and can be presented with custom styling to align with your company/customer's brand. The following systems are currently fully supported, with many more being added very shortly:

Getting Started

The following simple list of instructions will get you started with the AsBuiltReport module.


All CmdLets and Functions require the PScribo module version 0.7.24 or later. PScribo can be installed from the PowerShell Gallery with the following command.

Install-Module PScribo

Each of the specific As-Built report types may also require other modules or PSSnapins. The pre-requisites for each report type will be documented within its own located in the Src\Public\Reports\<Report> directory.

Installing AsBuiltReport

Clone this repository with the following command.

git clone

Change directory into the cloned repository and import the module manifest.

cd .\As-Built-Report
Import-Module .\AsBuiltReport.psd1

Using AsBuiltReport

Each report type utilises a common set of parameters. Additional parameters specific to each report will be detailed in the report's file, along with any relevant examples. Each report type has its own sub-directory, within the Src\Public\Reports directory.

For a full list of common parameters and examples you can view the New-AsBuiltReport CmdLet help with the following command.

Get-Help New-AsBuiltReport -Full

Here are some examples to get you going.

# The following creates a VMware vSphere As-Built report in HTML & Word formats.
# The document will highlight particular issues which exist within the environment by including the Healthchecks switch.
PS C:\>New-AsBuiltReport -Target -Username admin -Password admin -Format HTML,Word -Type vSphere -Healthchecks

# The following creates a Pure Storage FlashArray As-Built report in Text format and appends a timestamp to the filename. It also uses stored credentials to connect to the system.
PS C:\>$Creds = Get-Credential
PS C:\>New-AsBuiltReport -Target -Credentials $Creds -Format Text -Type FlashArray -Timestamp

# The following creates a Cisco UCS As-Built report in default format (Word) with a customised style.
PS C:\>New-AsBuiltReport -IP -Username admin -Password admin -Type UCS -StyleName ACME

# The following creates a VMware vSphere As-Built report in HTML format, using the configuration in the asbuilt.json file located in the C:\scripts\ folder.
PS C:\>New-AsBuiltReport -IP -Username admin -Password admin -Format HTML -Type vSphere -AsBuiltConfigPath C:\scripts\asbuilt.json


VMware NSX-V As Built Report

  • Information relating to the VMware NSX-V As-Built Report can be found in the report's

VMware vSphere As Built Report

  • Information relating to the VMware vSphere As-Built Report can be found in the report's

Release Notes

[0.3.0] - Unreleased

What's New

  • This minor version contains a complete refactor of the project so that it is now a PowerShell module.
  • We will now aim to host this module on PSGallery in the near future to allow for easier installation and usage.

[0.2.1] - 2018-09-19


  • Added parameter validation to Type parameter
  • Fixed Target parameter to accept multiple IP/FQDN
  • Fixed issues with CWD paths
  • Updated default JSON configuration filename to align with documentation

[0.2.0] - 2018-08-13


  • New As Built JSON configuration structure
    • new AsBuiltConfigPath parameter
    • allows unique configuration files to be created and saved
    • if AsBuiltConfigPath parameter is not specified, user is prompted for As Built report configuration information
    • New-AsBuiltConfig.ps1 & Config.json files are no longer required

All Releases

Known Issues

  • Table Of Contents (TOC) may be missing in Word formatted report

    When opening the DOC report, MS Word prompts the following

    "This document contains fields that may refer to other files. Do you want to update the fields in this document?"

    Yes / No

    Clicking No will prevent the TOC fields being updated and leaving the TOC empty.

    Always reply Yes to this message when prompted by MS Word.

  • In HTML documents, word-wrap of table cell contents is not working, causing the following issues;

    • Cell contents may overflow table columns
    • Tables may overflow page margin
    • PScribo Issue #83
  • In Word documents, some tables are not sized proportionately. To prevent cell overflow issues in HTML documents, most tables are auto-sized, this causes some tables to be out of proportion.


A collection of PowerShell scripts to generate as built reports on the configuration of datacentre infrastucture in Text, XML, HTML & MS Word formats.







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