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Windows Classic theme designer: a utility to help ease the development of Windows Classic themes.

This tool allows you to design a Windows Classic theme without needing Windows' Window Appearance dialog. Currently, you can only customize the colours (which is really the most significant part of the theme), even the hidden ones.


One of my hobbies is to develop themes using the Windows Classic style. This, of course, requires Windows. When I managed to finally install Arch Linux and made it my primary OS, I was left with two options if I wanted to continue the hobby: reboot to Windows whenever I wanted to develop a theme, or boot a virtual machine.

Rebooting to Windows is highly impractical. My computer only has 4 GB of memory, so booting a virtual machine also wouldn't work very well. This tool is my solution to this problem.

See also Windows 93 – I plan to do better... eventually. I post my Windows themes on DeviantArt (all of my themes will make it on there eventually)


Except where otherwise noted, this code is licensed under the MPLv2. See the LICENSE file for details.

jQuery is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE-jquery file for details.

js/normalize-css-color.js is a lightly modified version of react-community/normalize-css-color and is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License. See the LICENSE-normalize-css-color file for details.

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