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-F# Formatting
-This project contains an F# implementation of Markdown parser and a
-library that formats F# code. The formatting includes colorization, but
-also generation of tooltips with types and other information similar to
-those displayed in Visual Studio when reading F# code. An example can be
-found on [F# snippets web site](
-**TODO:** More information will be added soon.
-Using the library
-The two parts (Markdown parser and F# code formatter) are separate libraries,
-but they can be easily combined together. The following script shows how to
-parse Markdown document and then iterate over all CodeBlock elements (source
-code samples), add formatting to them and then put them back into a document.
- * [example script used at](
-### Using the F# formatting
-To format F# code using the `FSharp.Formatting.dll` library, you need to reference
-the library, open necessary namespaces and then create an instance of formatting
- #r "FSharp.CodeFormat.dll"
- open FSharp.CodeFormat
- let fsharpCompiler = "..\\FSharp.Compiler.dll"
- let asm = System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFile(fsharpCompiler)
- let formatAgent = CodeFormat.CreateAgent(asm)
-Then you can use the agent repeatedly (it loads the F# compiler, so it is wise to reuse
-the same instance) to format a snippet as follows:
- // 'fsharpSource' contains the actual source code,
- // the first argument specifies a file name (does not need
- // to physically exist) and the last is compiler arguments
- let snippets, errors = formatAgent.ParseSource("source.fsx", fsharpSource, "")
- // This formats the snippets into HTML
- let formatted = CodeFormat.FormatHtml(snippets, "ft", false, false)
-Known issues
- - Nested emhasis using the same characters is not implemented.
- For example `***bold italic**just italic*`
- - Parsing of lists is a bit messy and needs to be written
- differently.
+F# Formatting: Documentation Tools
+The F# Formatting libraries (`FSharp.CodeFormat.dll` and `FSharp.Markdown.dll`) include an F# implementation
+of Markdown parser and F# code formatter that can used to tokenize F# code and obtain information about tokens
+including tool-tips (as in Visual Studio and MonoDevelop) with type information. The library also comes with
+a sample that implements literate programming for F#.
+## Documentation
+The documentation for this library is automatically generated (using the literate programming tools based on
+the library) from `*.fsx` and `*.md` files in [the docs folder][2]. If you find a typo, please submit a pull request!
+ - [F# Formatting: Documentation tools][3] provides more information about the library, how to contribute, etc. It also
+ includes links to tutorials showing how to use the Markdown parser and F# code formatter.
+ - [F# Formatting: Literate programming][4] documents the most interesting part of the package - script that
+ can be used to generate documentation for F# projects from commented F# script files and Markdown documents.
+### Usees
+The library is used by a number of F# projects. Most prominently, the [F# snippets web site](
+uses it to format snippets shared by the F# community. The following sample scripts use the library to generate
+documentation and might be a useful inspiration:
+ * [The `build.fsx` script]( used to generate the documentation for this project
+ * [The `build.fsx` script]( used to generate the documentation for `FSharp.Data`
+## Library license
+The library is available under Apache 2.0. For more information see the [License file][1] in the GitHub repository.
+ [1]:
+ [2]:
+ [3]:
+ [4]:

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