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A log for verbose notes pertaining to performance.
[2011.02.18] {Initial blackscholes runs}
First a version of blackscholes that uses the parMap in par.hs.
GHC 7.0.1, released version.
Listing a couple runs at each setting.
Running on a 4-core 3.33 ghz nehalem, SMT on (with -qa)
10M options with 10K blocksize:
1 thread -- 5.1 s
2 -- 6.25s 5.87s real/user
2 thr #2 -- 3.8s 6.4s
3 -- 2.8s 5.38s
3 -- 2.0s 5.86s
4 -- 1.8s 5.4s
4 -- 1.3s 5.15s
5 -- 1.5s 5.4s
5 -- 1.15s 5.6s
High variance... definitely thrashing sometimes. It very rarely uses
over 300% cpu at 4 threads.
Removing the "-qa" option doesn't seem to change things much.
Even when it does badly its only spending 1% of time in GC.
Next let's try AList's parBuild.
Not working right yet...
What about mandel?
It's getting <2X speedup for me on four threads on this machine atm.
It's about the same with the factored AList/parBuild as opposed to
the original.