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TomaspNet Web site

This repository contains the source code (and output in the gh-pages branch) for the web site. The web site is powered by a Jekyll-like system written in F#. The content is written in a mix of html files (migrated from the old version), fsx and md files (using F# script files for source-code heavy literate blog posts and Markdown for the rest).

The web site is using the following tools (or parts of them):

  • F# Formatting deals with Markdown and F# colorization
  • RazorEngine is used for templating and simle embedded C# code
  • Some code that calls Razor engine from F# is based on Tilde


The source code for the processor (which generates the gh-pages content) can be found in the build.fsx file in tools. At the moment, this is not very reusable tool (though it is well structured and should be easy to modify). If you're interested in using the system for your own blog, feel free to copy & edit! If you want to help me turn this into a reusable tool, please get in touch!


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