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+This repository contains the source code of the []( project.
+The source code contains the (slightly modified) Silverlight F# Interactive console (see `console`),
+Markdown source code for the tutorials (`documents`) and generated HTML files (`output`).
+The `src` directory contains implementations of joinads for various F# computation types
+(including `Async<'T>`, `Task<'T>` and some others).
+The HTML pages are automatically generated using a script `tools/build.fsx`, which uses
+F# Markdown parser and F# Source Code formatter available in the `lib` directory
+(the source of both tools is [available on GitHub too](
+ * **Documents** - the documents available in the repository (mainly `text` and `html` files)
+ are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.
+ This means that you can copy, distribute and remix the work, but
+ you must attribute the work to the author (by providing a link
+ to the original source and my name).
+ * **Source code** - the source code is available under
+ the Apache 2 license. This means that you can use it in any way,
+ including commercial applications. For more information see
+ [OSI web page](
+Contributions welcome!
+If you write an interesting example that uses the `match!` notation that you would like
+to share, feel free to submit a pull request. This would typically include:
+ * A tutorial written in Markdown `text` file (in the `documents` directory)
+ * Some addition to the `FSharp.Joinads.Silverlight` project (the `src` directory)
+ if you want to write your own computation expression.
+I'm also happy to use the TryJoinads web site to share other experimental F# extensions.
+If you made some changes to the F# compiler that you would like to share, you'll need
+to submit your pull request to [the FSharp.Extensions project](
+which contains F# compiler source code.
+If you want to get in touch, you can contact me at [](
+or using Twitter at [@tomaspetricek](
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