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Pit - F# to JS Compiler

Lets you code, debug and manage easily

Changelog v0.2.2 (2/4/2012)


  • ENUM namespace/code generation issue
  • If/Else code generation with "when" gaurd
  • inheriting DomBody from DomElement
  • added assembly resolve code for fixing up referenced assemblies with pfc.exe
  • added additional APIs to DomAudio
  • partial functions code generation
  • added closure wraps for all function calls in a type
  • extension methods code gen fix


  • jQuery support added

Changelog v0.2.1

  • Changed DomElement to DomObject in event wireup
  • let declaration with same names
  • record types used with nested Option + match expressions
  • added string indexer for JsArray
  • HTML5 WebSocket API
  • JSON parser / stringify API added

Changelog v0.2


  • Array2D, F# Set, F# String extensions
  • Operator overloading for types, records, unions
  • AJAX / XMLHttpRequest both in debug/JS mode
  • HTML5 DOM elements & SVG
  • Custom Library project templates
  • Mac MonoDevelop support


  • Fix closure issue in for loops
  • Fix mapping .NET string functions to JsString
  • Fix tuple value code generation in function parameters
  • Fix type extensions for DOM type classes
  • Fix overloaded constructors issue
  • Fix overloaded members
  • Fix code generation issue with static property GETTER
  • Fix missing method for Window.setInterval

Changelog v0.1

  • Support all features of F# that can be translated using "ReflectedDefinitionAttribute"
  • Clean JS code generation
  • Support below major F# libraries
    • Seq
    • List
    • Array
    • Event
    • IObservable
    • Computation Expressions
  • Full HTML DOM and HTML5 Canvas Support
  • Visual Studio 2010 integration with Application Project Templates
    • Debugging support for F# code
    • Build support with Pit compiler
    • JavaScript error notification