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@fsharp @fsprojects @c4fsharp @fslaborg @fsharpworks @ionide @the-gamma @fssnippets @coeffects @alan-turing-institute
Magicshui magicshui


CuriosityChina Beijing China

Qinsi Long longqinsi

UCEN Technology Co.Ltd Chengdu, China

Victor Villas villasv

Information retrieval and Machine learning guy.


Vítor Arjol vitorarjol

São José do Rio Preto/SP/Brazil

Jan Bizub JanBizub

C# and Typescript developer. I search for simplicity over complexity. Recently, I am interested in F# and functional programming in general.


Reidholmes ReidHolmes

上善若水,厚德载物,人淡如菊。"Technology make the world a better place." 看得越多越沉默 但行好事,莫问前程

martian Technology hangzhou

Werter WerterAllan

Desenvolvedor Full-Stack. C# & Javascript

São Paulo

Emmanuel Oga EmmanuelOga

Google San Francisco, CA

Manuel Aristarán jazzido

I program computers. MIT Media Lab Alum.

Nova Anglia

klettier klettier

C#, F# Developer In love with domain modeling, happy to contribute and to share.


Paul Hughes solster

Solster Limited United Kingdom

Piotr Murach piotrmurach

Tender loving command line.

Sheffield, UK

Chris Davey cxd

currently busy with work and study wish I had more time to work on these projects! won't be able to until November.


Valery Vitko valery-vitko

@Steinpilz Minsk, Belarus

Ray Heath RayHeath

Ray Heath, LLC Dunedin, Florida

Irakli Safareli safareli

Front-end Developer • digging deeper into fantasy land of functional programing • co-founder @uniHackio

Georgia, Tbilisi

Alessandro Rizzotto easysoft2k15

Easy Soft Srl Belluno (Italy)

Gaston Cababie nelak

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mikko Kaistinen Laastine

Software developer. Currently interested in Rust and F#

Reaktor Helsinki, Finland

Aly-Bocar Cissé essic

Developer interested by C#, F#, Haskell and a little bit of Js.


Dominik Kotecki dominikus1993

Typescript, Javascript and C# developer. Functional programming enthusiast.

Rossmann Łódź