Applications that use Nokia Imaging SDK and/or work with images
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Applications that use Nokia Imaging SDK and/or work with images.

Contains applications used for Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013:

  • PhotoBlender - Takes two photos/images and blends them together. Change blending modes to get different effects
  • Advanced Photo Filter - Take a photo, select a part of it. Apply a filter on that part only and blend it back onto the original image.

Both applications use Nokia Imaging SDK for their functionality. As these applications are still early in development (they are not yet published to the store), bugs are still present and UI is far from optimal. This will change in the future.

More information about technical details can be found at the official competition wiki entry: Partial filter application and blending with Nokia Imaging SDK;

Other applications will eventually be added as they are developed.

The source code is licensed under MIT license (see LICENSE) which means that you can do pretty much anything you want with the code.