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TPF Domain registration


Safeguard important domains for the future of Perl


pair Networks has graciously allowed TPF to keep all of our names registered at at no cost.


You are giving ownership of these domains to TPF, that said whilst you are around it is your decision what happens with the DNS...

  • Can I have the full ownership back - No, it defeats the purpose of this project
  • Can I still use my own DNS? - YES, or we'll run it as you request.
  • How do I get records updated if you do the DNS - email us and we'll try be as quick as possible
  • Will you do email forwarding - YES
  • Can I have access to make changes myself - Sorry, no, it's a single account that will manage everything

How to get your domain added?

  • Unlock transfer
  • Copy Authorization Key
  • Email Dan@DWright.Org (mention any specific DNS requirements)

Domains and contacts

Who actually runs the site and is approved to make alteration requests.

TPF specific domains / sites

Which other domains are scheduled to be transfered?

Which domains will NOT be transfered yet/ever, and who own's them?

Barbie - Jon "JJ" Allen and Brian McCauley in case of emergencies:

Others important domains

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