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{ "draft" : false, "title" : "What's new on CPAN - August 2019", "categories" : "cpan", "description" : "A curated look at August's new CPAN uploads", "authors" : [ "david-farrell" ], "date" : "2019-09-10T17:18:24", "tags" : ["shippo","cloudtasks","plantuml","puppet","ldap","curses","checkpass","xoauth2","game-of-life","pango","pdf","cairo","mojolicious","test2"], "image" : "/images/192/AF57B300-5234-11E5-B481-F86745487EAA.png", "thumbnail" : "/images/192/thumb_AF57B300-5234-11E5-B481-F86745487EAA.png" }

Welcome to "What's new on CPAN", a curated look at last month's new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure. Enjoy!

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