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{ "authors" : [ "david-farrell" ], "description" : "A curated look at November's new CPAN uploads", "slug" : "202/2015/12/8/What-s-new-on-CPAN---November-2015", "image" : "/images/202/CD6B9F5C-F4AE-11E4-A230-A2654E9B8265.png", "categories" : "cpan", "date" : "2015-12-08T04:34:15", "draft" : false, "tags" : [ "phantomjs", "dynamodb", "zendesk", "lz4", "handlebars", "consul", "tvmaze" ], "title" : "What's new on CPAN - November 2015", "thumbnail" : "/images/202/thumb_CD6B9F5C-F4AE-11E4-A230-A2654E9B8265.png" }

Welcome to "What's new on CPAN", a curated look at last month's new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure. Enjoy!

APIs & Apps

  • [App::Highlander]({{<mcpan "App::Highlander" >}}) can provides simple named locks. Useful!
  • Pick one or more random lines from input using [App::PickRandomLines]({{<mcpan "App::PickRandomLines" >}})
  • A "Random Access Machine" Emulator: [Language::RAM]({{<mcpan "Language::RAM" >}})
  • Sync data across multiple regions with [Net::Amazon::DynamoDB::HighlyAvailable]({{<mcpan "Net::Amazon::DynamoDB::HighlyAvailable" >}})
  • [Net::Amazon::DynamoDB::Table]({{<mcpan "Net::Amazon::DynamoDB::Table" >}}) provides a high-level interface to Net::Amazon::DyamoDB::Lite
  • [WWW::KeenIO]({{<mcpan "WWW::KeenIO" >}}) provides a Perl API for the event storage and analytics service
  • [WWW::Saucelabs]({{<mcpan "WWW::Saucelabs" >}}) is a "perilously incomplete", yet useful, Perly interface to the Saucelabs REST API
  • Find out what's on TV using the TVMaze API and [WWW::TVMaze]({{<mcpan "WWW::TVMaze" >}})
  • [WebService::Zendesk]({{<mcpan "WebService::Zendesk" >}}) is another work-in-progress but useful API, this time for Zendesk

Config & Devops

  • [Net::FTPTLS]({{<mcpan "Net::FTPTLS" >}}) is a super-simple Perl FTP client with TLS support. Cool!
  • [Net::SSH2::Cisco]({{<mcpan "Net::SSH2::Cisco" >}}) let's you talk to Cisco routers via SSH!
  • Configure, control and monitor rate limits for services with [RateLimitations]({{<mcpan "RateLimitations" >}})


  • Compress data at outrageous speeds with [Compress::LZ4Frame]({{<mcpan "Compress::LZ4Frame" >}}), which ships with the LZ4 compression library written in C.
  • [DBIx::BulkUtil]({{<mcpan "DBIx::BulkUtil" >}}) provides bulk load and other features for relational databases
  • Wow, [DOM::Tiny]({{<mcpan "DOM::Tiny" >}}) is a minimalist but feature-rich DOM parser using CSS selectors
  • Interesting, play with a virtual file system using [Filesys::Virtual::Chroot]({{<mcpan "Filesys::Virtual::Chroot" >}})
  • [IMAP::Query]({{<mcpan "IMAP::Query" >}}) can generateIMAP search queries
  • [Mail::DKIM::Iterator]({{<mcpan "Mail::DKIM::Iterator" >}}) validates DKIM signatures and signs asynchronously

Development & Version Control

  • [Devel::Trepan::Deparse]({{<mcpan "Devel::Trepan::Deparse" >}}) adds deparse support to Devel::Trepan
  • Call the JavaScript Handlebars template library from Perl, with [JavaScript::V8::Handlebars]({{<mcpan "JavaScript::V8::Handlebars" >}})
  • Test some? Only execute a subset of your test suite using [Test::Some]({{<mcpan "Test::Some" >}}), author Yanick blogged about why this might be useful
  • [Unix::Pledge]({{<mcpan "Unix::Pledge" >}}) restrict system operations on BSD using pledge
  • Talk to Windows machines over the network using [Win32::Netsh]({{<mcpan "Win32::Netsh" >}})


Paul Evans has been hard at work releasing several new chip driver modules, way to go Paul!

  • BV4243 [Device::Chip::BV4243]({{<mcpan "Device::Chip::BV4243" >}})
  • DS1307 [Device::Chip::DS1307]({{<mcpan "Device::Chip::DS1307" >}})
  • INA219 [Device::Chip::INA219]({{<mcpan "Device::Chip::INA219" >}})
  • MAX7219 [Device::Chip::MAX7219]({{<mcpan "Device::Chip::MAX7219" >}})
  • MCP23x17 family [Device::Chip::MCP23x17]({{<mcpan "Device::Chip::MCP23x17" >}})
  • MPL3115A2 [Device::Chip::MPL3115A2]({{<mcpan "Device::Chip::MPL3115A2" >}})


  • Generate CSS sprites from a series of images using [CSS::SpriteMaker::Simple]({{<mcpan "CSS::SpriteMaker::Simple" >}})
  • Look up zodiac sign for a given date with [Zodiac::Tiny]({{<mcpan "Zodiac::Tiny" >}})

Science & Mathematics

  • [LCS::Similar]({{<mcpan "LCS::Similar" >}}) allows differences in the compared elements of Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) Algorithm
  • Simulate genomic restriction digests with [RestrictionDigest]({{<mcpan "RestrictionDigest" >}})


  • [Catalyst::Plugin::URI]({{<mcpan "Catalyst::Plugin::URI" >}}) provides nicer and safer way to get Controller action methods as URIs
  • Read and write PhantomJS cookies file using [HTTP::Cookies::PhantomJS]({{<mcpan "HTTP::Cookies::PhantomJS" >}})
  • [Mojolicious::Plugin::ErrorsAndWarnings]({{<mcpan "Mojolicious::Plugin::ErrorsAndWarnings" >}}) stores errors and warnings during a request for powerful introspection
  • Run a consul server for testing using [Test::Consul]({{<mcpan "Test::Consul" >}})

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