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{ "tags" : [ "dancer", "urandom", "ffi", "tinycc", "hacker_news", "lock_socket", "file_slurp", "cloud_convert", "fuzzy_match", "mojo", "sitemap" ], "thumbnail" : "/images/132/thumb_825394D0-6628-11E4-B19F-5C5395E830D2.png", "title" : "What's new on CPAN - October 2014", "draft" : false, "image" : "/images/132/825394D0-6628-11E4-B19F-5C5395E830D2.png", "date" : "2014-11-07T13:22:17", "categories" : "cpan", "description" : "A curated look at the latest CPAN uploads", "authors" : [ "david-farrell" ], "slug" : "132/2014/11/7/What-s-new-on-CPAN---October-2014" }

Welcome to "What's new on CPAN", a curated look at last month's new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure.


  • [WebService::HackerNews]({{<mcpan "WebService::HackerNews" >}}) provides an interface to HackerNews, woohoo!
  • Like music album cover art? [WWW::Search::Coveralia]({{<mcpan "WWW::Search::Coveralia" >}}) provides a search API for


  • [Games::Dukedom]({{<mcpan "Games::Dukedom" >}}) implements the land management game in the terminal
  • Convert anything to anything in the cloud using [App::cloudconvert]({{<mcpan "App::cloudconvert" >}})
  • [App::DistSync]({{<mcpan "App::DistSync" >}}) is a file synchronization app

Async & Concurrency

  • [Test::Async::HTTP]({{<mcpan "Test::Async::HTTP" >}}) is a mock class for testing the asynchronous user agent
  • [Lock::Socket]({{<mcpan "Lock::Socket" >}}) is a clever module that provides process locking via sockets


  • Slurp with confidence using [File::Slurper]({{<mcpan "File::Slurper" >}})
  • It has a long title but it's worth it: [DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer::Sereal]({{<mcpan "DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer::Sereal" >}}) inflates / deflates into DBIx columns using the super-fast Sereal!
  • [Couchbase]({{<mcpan "Couchbase::README" >}}) is a new Perl client for the NoSQL database, implemented in XS
  • [Geo::Address::Formatter]({{<mcpan "Geo::Address::Formatter" >}}) formats addresses from all over the World.

Config & DevOps

  • [FFI::TinyCC]({{<mcpan "FFI::TinyCC" >}}) provides an interface to the super-fast (compile time) TinyCC compiler
  • Another useful FFI library, [FFI::CheckLib]({{<mcpan "FFI::CheckLib" >}}) will check that a C library is available for FFI to use

Math, Science & Language

  • Generate random, normally distributed numbers with [Math::Random::Normal::Leva]({{<mcpan "Math::Random::Normal::Leva" >}})
  • Related, [Rand::Urandom]({{<mcpan "Rand::Urandom" >}})will generate better pseudo random numbers
  • Do efficient fuzzy matching with [Tree::BK]({{<mcpan "Tree::BK" >}})
  • [Rstats]({{<mcpan "Rstats" >}}) exports R functions, an interesting alternative to Statistics::R. Next step, Inline::R!

Object Oriented

  • [MooseX::Role::Hashable]({{<mcpan "MooseX::Role::Hashable" >}}) enables Moose object to be convertible into hashes!
  • Get some useful extra type constraint methods from [MooseX::Types::MoreUtils]({{<mcpan "MooseX::Types::MoreUtils" >}})

Testing & Exceptions

  • [Devel::DidYouMean]({{<mcpan "Devel::DidYouMean" >}}) intercepts failed subroutine calls and suggests useful alternatives (disclaimer - I am the module author.)
  • Conveniently test that numbers are within tolerance using [Test::Deep::NumberTolerant]({{<mcpan "Test::Deep::NumberTolerant" >}})


  • Per the documention: [Mojo::Pg]({{<mcpan "Mojo::Pg" >}}) "makes PostgreSQL a lot of fun to use with the Mojolicious". Check it out!
  • Want to generate a sitemap for a web app? Check out [WWW::Sitemap::Simple]({{<mcpan "WWW::Sitemap::Simple" >}})
  • [Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::OAuth]({{<mcpan "Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::OAuth" >}}) makes is easy to incorporate open auth into a Dancer2 web app.

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Updates: additional web modules added to article 2014-11-08.

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