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=head1 NAME
perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl
The perlfaq comprises several documents that answer the most commonly
asked questions about Perl and Perl programming. It's divided by topic
into nine major sections outlined in this document.
=head2 Where to find the perlfaq
The perlfaq is an evolving document. Read the latest version at
L<>. It is also included in the standard Perl
=head2 How to use the perlfaq
The C<perldoc> command line tool is part of the standard Perl distribution. To
read the perlfaq:
$ perldoc perlfaq
To search the perlfaq question headings:
$ perldoc -q open
=head2 How to contribute to the perlfaq
Review L<>. If you don't find
your suggestion create an issue or pull request against
Once approved, changes are merged into L<>, the
repository which drives L<>, and they are
distributed with the next Perl 5 release.
=head2 What if my question isn't answered in the FAQ?
Try the resources in L<perlfaq2>.
=over 4
=item perlfaq1 - General Questions About Perl
=item perlfaq2 - Obtaining and Learning about Perl
=item perlfaq3 - Programming Tools
=item perlfaq4 - Data Manipulation
=item perlfaq5 - Files and Formats
=item perlfaq6 - Regular Expressions
=item perlfaq7 - General Perl Language Issues
=item perlfaq8 - System Interaction
=item perlfaq9 - Web, Email and Networking
[% the_questions %]
=head1 CREDITS
Tom Christiansen wrote the original perlfaq then expanded it with the
help of Nat Torkington. brian d foy substantialy edited and expanded
the perlfaq. perlfaq-workers and others have also supplied feedback,
patches and corrections over the years.
Tom Christiansen wrote the original version of this document.
brian d foy C<< <> >> wrote this version. See the
individual perlfaq documents for additional copyright information.
This document is available under the same terms as Perl itself. Code
examples in all the perlfaq documents are in the public domain. Use
them as you see fit (and at your own risk with no warranty from anyone).
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