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Remove question talking about memory leak fix in 5.6!

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1 parent 99b79b4 commit 480f2d89574efe5895aea3f4974c839c0334c555 @ranguard ranguard committed Feb 18, 2012
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@@ -844,15 +844,6 @@ To get around this, either upgrade to Perl v5.6.0 or later, do the glob
yourself with readdir() and patterns, or use a module like L<File::Glob>,
one that doesn't use the shell to do globbing.
-=head2 Is there a leak/bug in glob()?
-(contributed by brian d foy)
-Starting with Perl 5.6.0, C<glob> is implemented internally rather
-than relying on an external resource. As such, memory issues with
-C<glob> aren't a problem in modern perls.
=head2 How can I open a file with a leading ">" or trailing blanks?
X<filename, special characters>

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